Monday, October 19, 2009

New hair


I know I've been neglecting this page for the past few weeks, but no more! Chopping off the bad days and looking forward to a fresh start. (Not to mention forehead oil control.)

Nylon jacket, Izzue; shirt, G200; jeans, Gap; belt with hammered metal buckle and tie: both thrifted


redd said...

~thumbs up. :)) you look younger on short hair.

Ry said...

Been going through your blog for the first time today, nice work. It's great you mix and match thrift and designer duds, you really have an eye for this stuff. Going out on a limb, scored tickets to Phil Fashion Week M Baretto's show this Wednesday, October 21, my friend Mylene and I still have an extra. You might want to go with us (haha, doesn't hurt to ask, right)... sayang din kase. 8:30 wednesday, SMX. 0/nine/1six/six/93/768eight/three. Not sure where these tickets will seat us, but hey, it's free so we're there hehe.

Ry said...

ditch the second eight dun sa number. sorry :)

Jann said...

Good to know you're continuing your blog. Have been immersed in this goldmine-of-a-blog since I stubbled into it by accident yesterday.

I have already started un-earthing my old clothes since yesterday for a re-birth of sorts.

This site will be my everyday source of inspiration.

Keep it up!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

redd: thanks!

Ry: I'll be going to almost all the shows. Let's meet up before or after M Barretto.

Jann: I do that too, once in a while. You'll be surprised how some pieces can be resurrected with the right styling. Thanks!

Shane Bailey said...

Black is definitely ur color!