Thursday, October 1, 2009

A storm is coming


I know it's no reason to smile, as Manila is expecting potentially dangerous rains tonight, but this is not front page news, or even reportage. And though this afternoon was gloomy — the light in these shots care of Photoshop — and visited by a taste of what hopefully will not come, it has been precisely light, with warmth, that has been flooding my past few days. The same reason I have not had as much time to update this page.


I have my friend Cecille to thank for this sheer thrifted hoodie, which will not guard me from the weather, but will permit layering in this humidity. This picture also offers you better look at a black leather bag I thrifted long ago, but only recently had soaped and shined at Besa's.


With a storm comes flooding. Our lives submerged in a rush of emotions — sadness, grief, frustration, and even anger. Things are muddy and muddled.


I myself am still at pains to understand what has been happening to me the last few days. Sinking and rising to breathe. Hoping while refusing to believe in anything.

Thrifted sheer hoodie, Zara; micro-checkered shirt, Ben Sherman; skinny jeans, Two Percent; thrifted boots, Timberland; skinny tie, thrifted; thrifted leather bag, Rabeanco

Photos by Patricia Suzara


Eric said...

Great styling. I'd wear this myself.

Jyun said...

Wow, you've got a flair for both writing and fashion.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Thanks Eric and Jyun!