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The art of Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley 01

I was assigned to do a "test article" for Status magazine in Manila. They asked me to write, in 250 words, about photographer Ryan McGinley's new book Moonmilk. So, true to form, I read everything I could find about him.

I became so immersed in his previous work — both commercial and purely artistic — that I wasn't anymore thinking about the article, much less figuring out how I could fit my excitement within the word limit.

Here is one of McGinley's spreads for Missoni's Fall 2009 ad campaign. The action shots not only give justice to the terrific pieces and the styling but place them in the context of carefree youth for which McGinley is known for.

Ryan McGinley 02

At 24, he was already exhibiting at the Whitney Museum of American Art and was named Photographer of the Year by American Photo Magazine. The book of photos on show was The Kids are Alright.

You can see from this picture that his portrayal of youth is fresh and free of irony.

Ryan McGinley 03

His aesthetic is as much about movement as the expression of free spirit.

Ryan McGinley 04

Ryan McGinley 05

His vision may be idealist (the life that many youths want to lead or how they want to see themselves), but it is vivid, unhampered, and endearingly vulnerable.

Ryan McGinley 06

This shot of men running naked was used as an album cover.

Ryan McGinley 07

Ryan McGinley 08

Yes, there is the absence of pain, or the denial of it, but McGinley's images preserve the precious, fleeting moments that stay in our memories.

Ryan McGinley 09

The tender naivete exemplified by these ads shot by McGinley for Levi's.

Ryan McGinley 10

Ryan McGinley 11

Ryan McGinley 12

Ryan McGinley 13

Ryan McGinley 14

Ryan McGinley 15

Ryan McGinley 16

Ryan McGinley 17

Youth is sink-and-swim.

Ryan McGinley 18

For McGinley, the days are neither muddled nor traumatic.

Ryan McGinley 19

They just pass.

Ryan McGinley 20

And come again.

Ryan McGinley 21

Kids rise and walk on clouds.

Ryan McGinley 22

Skid on waves.

Ryan McGinley 23

Dive but don't sink.

Ryan McGinley 24

His starry-eyed images have also been appropriated for ads for Balenciaga.

Ryan McGinley 25

Starry-eyed and smoky.

Ryan McGinley 26

Ryan McGinley 27

Ryan McGinley 28

Except for the clothes and the models, ad pictures look no different from his regular fare.

Ryan McGinley 29

Ryan McGinley 30

Ryan mostly takes images of his friends.

Ryan McGinley 31

Only lately has he gone into the business of casting.

Ryan McGinley 32

Ryan McGinley 33

Outdoors or indoors...

Ryan McGinley 34

Ryan McGinley 35

He lets us in.

Ryan McGinley 36

Ryan McGinley 37

Have they been in that tub since they were small?

Ryan McGinley 38

For a few years, Ryan has brought a couple of friends roadtripping across America. To stop at various locations to snap random and unplanned pictures. Nudity may only be part of his method to allow what's within to be unclothed and captured on film.

Ryan McGinley 39

Finally we arrive at Moonmilk, McGinley's most recent collection shot in different caves, none repeated.

Ryan McGinley 40

The artist admits that this has been his most ambitious and excruciating project.

Ryan McGinley 41

"Moon milk" is an iridescent crystallized substance that one finds in caves. His images also come as strange and almost alien.

Ryan McGinley 42

The rock formations have been untouched for thousands of years. It makes sense to take pictures that bring us back to the primordial. To the genesis or the fountain or the source of the substance of youth in McGinley's images.

Ryan McGinley 43

The scene for darkness unravelled by the colors of long exposures.

Ryan McGinley 44

Ryan McGinley 45

Of total abandon. Returning to the border, the crevice, between language and intelligibility, and the ignorance of perpetual silence.

Ryan McGinley 46

Moonmilk is the scene for youth's ecstacy.

Ryan McGinley 47

Strangely, this image of a boy and a grizzly bear reminds me of Gus van Sant's Elephant, a movie about a school shooting. This image provides a counterpoint, the separation and interaction between the innocent and the brutal: the balance.

Ryan McGinley 48

Designers like Hedi Slimane have provided images of men on the edge of innocence, pushing a new aesthetic. Photographers like McGinley provide the same thing.

Ryan McGinley 49

He plays with boundaries, ridicules standards.

Ryan McGinley 50

While staying within them.

Ryan McGinley 51

"We are animals" is a Wrangler campaign shot by Ryan.

Ryan McGinley 52

Quite apt, you may say.

Ryan McGinley 53

It amplifies the youth's inability to project pathos or inherit their parents' guilt.

Ryan McGinley 54

Yes, soon enough everybody grows up.

Ryan McGinley 55

Not just McGinley's friends and models.

Ryan McGinley 56

But also he himself, and with him, his aesthetic.

Ryan McGinley 57

Yet always, at any age, at any era, we return to the bars, the fields, the caves, and trees of youth that adults are quick to dismiss as "wasted".

Ryan McGinley 58

Nevertheless, fashion brands will always exploit it for its trends.

Ryan McGinley 59

Youth will always be fun, uninhibited, and innocent.

Ryan McGinley 60

As long as new generations inherit the mantle of being young.

Ryan McGinley 61

As there will always be a market for sneakers, McGinley's images are timeless.

Ryan McGinley 62

Less stylized than Hedi Slimane's, they are more raw.

Ryan McGinley 63

While looking less naive.

Ryan McGinley 64

More intent, more naked.

Ryan McGinley 65

Ryan McGinley 66

And here is McGinley taken by Slimane.

Ryan McGinley 67

Naked in a tub shot by Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs.

Ryan McGinley 68

Yes, many may dismiss McGinley's work as pretentious and plastic — easily adaptable by fashion brands because of their intentional lack of depth.

But isn't that what happens to all our pictures once our memories fade and all we have are images to remind us how beautiful life once was?

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