Sunday, November 8, 2009

A bright, sunny day


Went to see Cecille yesterday in the suburbs. She will be leaving very soon for the states.


So we took the opportunity not only to share a meal with her family, but also to snap some pics in a nearby construction area.


Forgive the hair, the dust, and the unfriendly weather.


I know. I'm rarely away from the smog, noise, and stress of Manila.


This is Cecille, in her second appearance on this page. I'm telling you, it was her idea (or Patricia's?) to tempt death by playing amongst heavy machinery.



On the leftmost is Claire, my boss from London. Besides being a seasoned journalist from the Financial Times, she has also done some wicked photography. She took the first and last pictures in this post. In the middle is Patricia, in her debut appearance on this blog. I owe a lot to her for patiently taking my cameos. The same goes for Cecille.


As I have just turned another page, it is time for Cecille to move on. Talking with Claire, I am reminded that there are many more places to go to and lots more things to do.

I am always convinced that people keep on changing, just as fast as events take us on detours. But some things stay the same — like sun, friendship, and fun.

Tee, French Connectionl pants, Y-3; laceups, thrifted; filigree belt (barely seen), Brave Beltworks; stone and string necklace, vintage; watch, vintage Omega Seamaster

Pictures by Patricia Suzara, Claire Barron, and Miguel Paolo Celestial


Martini said...

Love the necklace. In one of the pictures (the 3rd) the end looks oddly like the Eiffel Tower.

Anonymous said...

Boy! Do I just wanna ask you out on a date! hahaah! You're just super cute! hahahaha! Your boyFIEND/girlFIEND must be so lucky! heheheh! Anyhow, i love these photos of you and your friend. Aside from you, your necklace is an eye catcher here too! I think it's a Tibetan Dzi bead pendant.


Edrick said...

ilove the first and last photos! props to claire! :-)

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the tip! Otherwise I would have never known what it was. Thanks for the compliment.

Edrick: She just flew back to London. We shall miss her.