Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Night in navy blue


Remember the blue Japanese kimono robe I wore with a tank top and sheer sweater last June? Well this is the November outfit version — more suitable for the slight chill in the breeze.


This time I wore the robe loosely tied.

Robe, Dunhill shirt, and tie: all thrifted; jeans, Gap; belt from a market in Milan; nylon sneakers, Acne x Tretorn; vintage watch, Omega Seamaster

Photographs by Patricia Suzara


SustantivoMasculino said...

~on a first look i thought you were wearing a triangle half skirt on your back, or maybe the kimono robe has just long tail extensions.. crazy me it was just the illusion from the carpet! but pretty idea somehow.

Anonymous said...

it's sooo funny SustantivoMasculino, that was exactly my first impression! I've been following my crush's blog and i remember him wearing that navy kimono robe. Well, it still soothes him though. Where is this place miguel? I wanna go see this place when i get to visit Manila. -Philip

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Trish thought of the same thing when she saw the photo. She took it in front of the courtyard of one of the condominiums on Valero Street, Makati.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful it looked like it was taken in NY or France. Love it! I thought it was in a restaurant that i would love to go...and maybe take you out heheheeh...-Philip