Friday, November 6, 2009

Seeing through


Many times shiny surfaces fool us with distorted mirror images. We see things not as they are, but only as they appear.

You may think, for example, that I am wearing a checkered sheer sweater, but it is only striped. And the effect is distorted further by a striped tie worn on top.


The moon, another example, is only cratered stone, but appears to us as the night's brilliance.


I have met someone who only appeared to be vibrant, but turned out dull, and inevitably: a dud.

Emporio Armani shirt, Comme des Garçons sneakers, and striped tie: all thrifted; sweater, Zara; pants, Custom Made

Outfit photos by Patricia Suzara


Anonymous said...

Nice attire.

But nicer segue about the dud you met. Lol.

As often said "before you meet a handsome prince charming, you must kiss a lot of ugly frogs" =)

I hope to meet you in person soon for coffee. My treat. (_)> (_)>


fuchsiaboy said...

love the look. nice bumping into you during pfw.

Martini said...

Very nice! This is great inspiration...I don't know how I'll interpret it, but you've got me thinking...

Ry said...

Thanks for your sheer-shirt posts, actually went thrifting today and got lucky on a S/S sheer shirt from APC. Can't wait to try the look :P

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Dave: Thanks for the offer, but I'm dating somebody. :-)

Hello again, Don!

Ry and Martini: Isn't it fun to play around with sheer stuff? Martini, you may even want to use it with lace...