Monday, November 2, 2009

Sheer gray shorts with olive chukka boots


I've worn these shorts before, but with an all-gray get-up. Contrary to what my mom, friends, and even boss say, I find them decent enough to wear in public. I just have to avoid direct sunlight like a vampire — you know what I mean.

This is also the first time I'm wearing my thrifted chukkas from Pasig.


Here I am debating with my friend and exclusive photographer Trish on the merits of tailored shorts with a proper hem. I agree that I must get a real pair soon — instead of something that originally came with an equally sheer casual kimono top.

Polo shirt, Penguin; knit houndstooth jacket, Sisley; shorts and chukka boots: both thrifted; black, gray, and white striped socks, U2; shoe laces from an old Camper pair (the original suede laces are too brittle too use)

Photos by Patricia Suzara (Cecilia is leaving soon, and will be missed)


SustantivoMasculino said...

~OUCH! i was just going to ask you if you will be posting these chukkas for sale from your previous post.. guess im too late. i have seen the ZARA version of these as their one of their fall collection (Shangri La)and i adore them that i felt so sad leaving the store without em. :(( o well, guess another swipe until i hold on, hehehe! :))

Cecille Aycocho said...

awww, I'm so touched. But I will surely miss our photo shoots :P

Buddha Jones said...

my gosh, i think your office is super close to mine. can i take some of your photos some of the time--your fashion, my point of view? :p anyway, i'm inspired by your blog to start losing weight (again) so i can be styled by your imagery. no more holiday festivities for me!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Buddha Jones: why of course! maybe i can even incporporate pier's faux fur vest, hehe :D

don't skip on holiday festivities, just deal with the consequences after!

Buddha Jones said...

i'm now in April 2009, looking at the zippered jeans you thrifted. this thrifting hobby sounds interesting, though i can't imagine myself slipping on worn-in leather shoes. but still, makes me wonder--the possibilities! i'd like to go with you on a thrifting spree sometime! and by the way, i read that your perennial photgrapher friend is leaving (tama ba?). well anyway, i'm sticking to my offer. :)