Friday, December 4, 2009

Andreas Wijk from Gothenburg, Sweden

Andreas Wijk 01

Dropped by Lookbook after I don't know how long. The first thing I noticed about Andreas's outfit were his Whyred knee patch pants, which remind me of jeans from Balmain Men.

Andreas Wijk 02

Then his hair, his accessories. Swedish high street.

Andreas Wijk 03

A denim version of the pants above in one of the many pictures on his blog. Andreas likes blazers too.

Andreas Wijk 04

Play dress up.

Andreas Wijk 05

You can tell since he has the same muffler in more than one color.

Andreas Wijk 07

Though he has a sense of color, he does overdo his accessories. This outfit, for example, can do without the chain necklaces, or have them replaced at least with just one strand and a pendant.

Andreas Wijk 08

What I appreciate is his black and white mix of leather and hardware, though I'm not a fan of blatant labels.

Andreas Wijk 09

Lots of things you can do with these metal snakes, just be sure to take them singly or in pairs, and if you must wear a bib of chains, keep everything else simple.

Andreas Wijk 10

Simple is always better, especially for menswear.

Andreas Wijk 11

See what I mean?

Andreas Wijk 12

Andreas Wijk 13

He's also a fan of monochrome (background not included).

Andreas Wijk 14

Fine, call me a matinee idol sell-out.

Andreas Wijk 15

But his non-pop star moments are worth it.

Andreas Wijk 16

It just takes a certain wash to roughen up his smooth edges.

Andreas Wijk 17

Because apparently, Andreas has a big following in Sweden. I think.

Andreas Wijk 18

The guy joined the country's version of American Idol.

Andreas Wijk 19

But of course, even before that, he's always liked shopping.

Andreas Wijk 20

His sound may be too pop for some, but he does have a great voice.

Andreas Wijk 21

Did I already mention good color sense?

Andreas Wijk 22

Andreas Wijk 23

I will leave it to you to search him on YouTube, since I'm not a particular fan of electro-pop turned into ballads.

Andreas Wijk 24

Let us just end with Andreas.

Andreas Wijk 25

His love for Whyred, Filippa K, and H&M.

Andreas Wijk 26

His mufflers and the years ahead of him.

Andreas Wijk 27

That could see his taste mature.

Andreas Wijk 28

From boyband...

Andreas Wijk 29

Perhaps to style savant?


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I simply love this guy!!!

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