Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bosquejo DIY necklaces: sneak preview

Bosquejo 01

The past three days, I have been busy beading trinkets into necklaces that I think I can finally be able to wear proudly and sell to the public.

Here are five initial pieces that represent the first three themes I have used in creating the accessories: Noir, Hardware, and Sacre.

Bosquejo 02

The first necklace on the left is made of irregular black pearls and onyx stones carved into rosettes — with a few wooden beads. The second stainless steel necklace you have already seen; it looks unique because of the use of cable connectors. The last three pieces were conceived by expounding on the idea of the holy: using amulets and transforming them into buried treasure.

Bosquejo 03

I plan to launch a separate site very soon to sell these items. (But feel free to comment or email if you already want to order.) Instead of Bosquejo Bauble, I have decided to rebrand to Bosquejo.

I would think these are not bad gift ideas, for those who haven't crossed out everybody in their list — both men and women, since I think these pieces are largely androgynous. I plan to make each piece unique and unrepeated. I will also be open for special custom-made requests, e.g. to make a piece that will best suit someone's personality and looks.

Now it's back to my beads...

What do you think of these first few pieces?

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