Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gray gardens


So this is how I wore the hardware necklace I made yesterday: with a white tee and an additional bead necklace to set off the color theme.

No, the band I was wearing on my left wrist didn't have anything to do with sports.

Gray bangles

It's made of plastic, instead of rubber, and comes in packs of six. Unlike the usual thick wooden bangles for women, this is thinner and I think can be used by men — singly, with other accessories like a watch, and at most in threes.


Trust me, it was just the heat.

Hardware necklace 04

This tee has a history.


Happy birthday to me. All in all I've been a good boy all my twenty eight years...

Tee, cK Calvin Klein; thrifted jeans, Dior Homme; skinny belt, APC; sneakers, Generic Surplus; necklace, DIY; leather bag, Rabeanco

Outfit photos by Patricia Suzara


blurredlights said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

oh my it's my crush's birthday! Happy Birthday Miguel! Hopefully I can get the chance to ask you out! (lol) Cuz I've got a big crush on you! Looking hot on that white tee and jeans, very Stanley from Streetcar Named Desire! Don't drink and drive and be safe! -Philip

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...