Monday, December 21, 2009

Hinge and bobbin hardware necklace: a variation


Met up with my friend Johanna last Friday to show her the black pearl and onyx necklace. (Just sold her today — my very first sale! — the longer version with obsidian I wore last Saturday. More on this in another post...) That day, I wore a single-stranded edition of the bobbin and hinge necklace I made earlier — which incidentally, another friend has already reserved.

Decided to wear the necklace with a monochromatic get-up for the steel to stand out.

Hardware necklace 07

This is how it looks up close, but only after one modification that Jo (short for Johanna) suggested.


I closed two hinges and removed the topmost one — which was digging into my neck (ouch!).

Polo shirt, Armani Exchange; jeans, Two Percent; sandals, Birkenstock

Outfit photos: Johanna Hife

Hardware necklace 08

I am besides myself with this new venture — creating new pieces, modifying them for clients, and posting them as fast as I can. I promise to write about regular topics as soon as I launch the online site of Bosquejo accessories. In a few days I hope!

Stainless steel 02

Again I wore the piece with another necklace. Here is the stainless steel chain with a bike pendant I intend to wear/sell with it.


Anonymous said...

nice simple chain but spells too bling for me but the bike pendant catches my fancy maybe can be wearable for some reasons... is it your own design? hope to see more bike themes! well done!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

The bike pendant is nice, but I didn't design it. Bought it as is...

Anonymous said...

good bike pendant better idea I like the bike theme


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