Monday, December 7, 2009

How thrifting can change your life


I can't really judge this day (Sunday) of thrifting as happier and more fulfilling than the others. I can't say based only on remarkable items or the prices that I was able to haggle down — not even solely based on good company. I suppose, as it is with satisfying outfits, it is a case of the mix.

So instead of lazily laying everything on the floor, I have come up with three sets of the pieces I have bought. This first, you can say, is partially inspired by the Spring 2010 collection of Dries Van Noten. But instead of wearing a jacket with an ethnic Ikat print, I was able to pick up a pajama top with a design charming enough to make you think twice. Worn underneath is a pink-and-white, leafy linen blend shirt — still follows the print-on-print Dries aesthetic.

Outfit 01

Here are the items for a better view of the prints. I like the fabric of the scarf, since it's not that flimsy. The pajama top is of a polyester mix. The jeans, Dior Homme.


Finally, I am able to find a Buffalo shirt that is just about the right size — good as shirt, as well as a jacket. Wearing it here as the former, with what I think is a nylon jacket, also in tan. Its collar can be buttoned up like a turtleneck, such that, undone, it looks like a clumsy flight jacket.

Ok, I know some of you raised an eyebrow when you first saw this pebble-dotted scarf — patterned after a bonsai cow? an anemic snake? a new bacterial strain? — but I think this is one instance where it makes sense: worn with items that are all masculine.

Outfit 02

The items, again. You see that the tops are happy.


Now I know this may be somewhat of a stretch, but this third scarf that I found reminds me of the Fair Isle cummerbunds in Burberry Prorsum's Fall 2009 show. So indulge me...

Outfit 03

I love the patter and the two-tone color of the scarf. So that's it: three pattern-on-pattern outfits from the items I thrifted.


Here are the scarves, worn together. One of our companions suggested I stitch them together, but that takes away the pleasure of yanking each one out. (I am wearing them pre-haircut.)

Shirt, Ben Sherman; linen pants, Sorbino; thrifted leather and canvas messenger, agnès b.; necklaces, DIY and gift; espadrilles from Davao; watch, Omega Seamaster

Tough tote

Before I forget, I was also able to buy this denim and leather tote by Tough Jeansmith. I think this can very well replace my less structured Gap denim tote.

Green backpack 01

And here is another surprise: a smallish green backpack with fine leather detailing. There is a logo of a dear with antlers stamped above the main buckle (the brand is Cervo, which is Italian for "deer"). At the back (not shown here) is a rectangular piece of leather engraved with these words: Manufactured by good workmanship in Italy with selective material.

Green backpack 02

Lo and behold: when you open the flap, the skyline of Florence with the Duomo greets you.


I know, the surprises don't end. Here is the last one, which sadly got away: a hooded extra-long shirt, with arms cut asyemmtrically. The piece combines parts from a shirt, hoodie, cape, and perhaps even a tunic. Very Japanese, and sadly, also very big.

Well, we can't have everything. Instead of getting it to have it altered, I let it go for somebody else...

So how does thrifting change your life? What do you think?

Photos by Lea Celestial and Niño Lorente

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