Saturday, December 5, 2009

More vests are yet to come

Knit vest 01

After a long absence, I once again visit my favorite thrift shop, and as it happens especially when I don't expect it, the store shores up unexpected treasures.

This is my first knit vest, which I can easily imagine on golfers. I like the way yellow serves as accent. The combination allows the vest to go with almost anything — much like a steel-and-gold watch (even if I wear the two separately on my wrist).

Knit vest 02

This should have been the end of the story and I would have already gone home happy. But after telling her that I was going thrifing, my sophomore sister asked if I could find her cardigans — for the chillier mornings when she goes to school.

Again, the shop doesn't let me down. Don't you love how fine the pattern is? Espescially with the specked fabric.

Knit vest 03

This is the second piece I found for my sister, in navy blue. Instantly, I thought of a skirt going with it. But then again, pairing it with day-to-day shorts would be more interesting. (Legs don't mind the cold!)

Blue shirt

And, as consolation for finding more for my sibling than myself, I picked up this short-sleeved shirt, which reminds me of the flag of Finland. Tell me, can you think anything better with it than white jeans?


carlz_elmstherson said...

those vests are killing me! i can smell l♥ve! i envy you! rawr!

YekkY said...

You perfect the laidback cool aura. I envy your thrift finds! ;D