Thursday, December 24, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow / My first sale

Black 01

When Johanna told me that she was happily feeling the texture and shape of the rosette onyx beads and baroque pearls from the black necklace I just sold her, I knew it was in good hands.

This is how it looks up close — pearls and onyx with obsidian.


This was how I wore the very first version of this necklace, which was shorter and meant as a male accessory.

Black 02

Jo is right by saying that from afar the piece looks just like any other bead necklace, and that it is only after closer inspection that one notices — from the colors and shapes of the reflected light — that the necklace is different.


Tee and skinny belt, A.P.C.; jeans, Two Percent; bonnet, 5cm; bracelet, three strands of ball-and-chain necklaces

Black 03

It was Jo's suggestion to wear it double-stranded. Now the piece takes on a life of its own, just like any creation that exchanges hands.


Anonymous said...

why so serious baby? feeling that christmas blues? Dont worry when i get there I'll ask you out for a date...hehheheeh...lets hope you'll say yes heheeh... are these real pearls? it looks nice... Philip

Anonymous said...

how much for another piece?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Anonymous (2): Please email me at for an estimate.

It is my policy to create one-off pieces, so we need to discuss variations in design and materials.

Anonymous (1): Was just sad to let go of beautiful necklace :) Yes, they are real pearls, though colored with a little dye. Thanks!