Thursday, December 3, 2009

Three sheer layers


No, I don't live in Scandinavia or in any country with more than two seasons, but that doesn't stop me from layering without melting under the heat.

This outfit may be familiar, and even this underpass, but they are different locations and ensembles. How time has passed!


Three more birthdays and I would be on my third decade. Looking back at the years with different eyes, I can't help but see things in a new light — as if through different layers.

Black double-breasted (worn as a scarf) and gray single-breasted cardigan: both Zara; sheer striped polo shirt, Guess; Two Percent jeans and Timberland boots: both thrifted; stainless steel watch, Tissot; headphones, Quiet Comfort 3 by Bose

Photos by Patricia Suzara


Shane Bailey said...

Ever thinking about moving to a place with distinguish four seasons? you can have so much more fun mix and match your outfits:) that's why I don't like summer as much as I do for the other three...

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Oh I do all the time. :) But its also a matter of finding a job in a temperate country. I'll figure it out soon enough...