Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wood and plastic necklace for new Sand line

sand necklace

As I was preparing my stuff for a two-night stay at the beach, I was thinking I wanted to make a necklace for the trip. Good thing I brought along my bare, wooden beads and some clear and opaque plastic trinkets.

I was off in less than fifteen minutes with my bag and my new lightweight accessory. Opted for Sand instead of Summer to make the collection title more tangent, but at the same time more encompassing. Plan to use more types of wood, plastic, and perhaps even coffee beans.

Writing this back from an island-hopping excursion, my tote is heavier with white shells and corals that have been damaged or cracked, but now all bear holes big enough for nylon string.


Anonymous said...

tangent? encompassing? ano daw?
chuvalou eklavou hada hada

Cecille Aycocho said...

those who have nothing but negative nonsense comments and can't even reveal their real names shouldn't have the right to comment. it's not adding to the content. facebook would be a better avenue for nonsense stuff

Anonymous said...


--hedi slimane

Anonymous said...


:P Hussein Chalayan

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Anonymous: While I respect dissenting opinions - and intelligent debate and discussion are always welcome on this blog - you are clearly on some kind of sad personal vendetta and it's getting very tiring.

While I'm flattered that you apparently have nothing better to do than post your uncreative insults, at this point it is just tired and vulgar, and it is not contributing anything of value, so I would like to politely request that you stop polluting my space.