Thursday, July 30, 2009

Double time


There are days when all I want to be dressed in are neutrals — like ambiguous grays, boring beiges, and conservative browns. Not so much that I feel lazy to dress up, but just that I am not compelled to stand out.


Of course, that doesn't prevent me from sneaking in a few personal touches to an outfit. Like this striped fabric belt, which goes with the subtle striped pattern of my polo shirt.

I like the fact that the fabric belt is a little too long, so that I was able to reinsert it into a belt loop (just under my arm). It is not clear here, but I have also adjusted the ring buckle so that it is not positioned at the center, but is visible in the short belt segment exposed (just on the right side) where I have tucked in my shirt.


I have seen metal watches with alternating silver and gold links for the straps. I thought before that this was brilliant, since these could be matched to both black- and brown-based outfits. I took this a little further and just wore a silver and gold watch together, with a tiger's eye bracelet in between.

My friend and colleague was joking, "Oh so that's why you were late!" I say that's why I'm not bored by my seemingly plain outfit.

Polo shirt, Crocodile; jeans, Jil Sander; laceups and fabric belt: both thrifted; leather messenger, from an artisan in Beijing; watches: Tissot and Omega Seamaster; bracelet from 168, Divisoria

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just adopted: Gray suede Opening Ceremony saddle shoes by The Dandy Project

Opening Ceremony 03

Remember these Opening Ceremony saddle shoes? Well they've finally found a home.

Opening Ceremony 04

Now they will no longer languish in my room dreaming of the places they would be going to.

The Dandy Project

Met up with Izzy of The Dandy Project yesterday to hand him the pair. Don't you think the derbies match his whistle and Casio watch well?

The Dandy's Project 01

I've been following The Dandy Project for quite some time. Here are my favorites among his tailored projects. This first shirt is actually made from chiffon. Don't you just love the pattern?

The Dandy's Project 02

This next one reminds me of kiwi fruit. I really should start visiting the local fabric store to begin my own creations.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Color lessons: green, red, and old rose


Violet and green has always been an interesting combination for me. Not because they make you look like an eggplant, but because they complement each other in a way that is not obvious.

Both have the blue pigment, enabling them to be equally dominant. It makes perfect sense then to include the color blue in a green and violet outfit. With the three colors making everything heavy, the gray in Nick's shirt and shoes soften the effect.


I don't think I've seen these shades of green on cropped shorts and boat shoes. The sight of pastels is refreshing, especially if the hues are seldom used. Tea green, mint green, celadon?

Just make sure you have strong colors like those of the brown belt and Alex's backpack to balance out light tones. Too bad that just when I decided I wanted tailored shorts, Manila's summer season also resolved to crop its duration.


With black are the three primary colors, with the red shirt seemingly overpowering blue and yellow — or gold in this case. But without the blue floral pattern of the belt, the outfit would fall flat, and without the gold belt buckle, necklace, and bracelet, there wouldn't be any coherence either.

Rasmus 01

I may be mistaken, but this seems like old rose, complemented by a huge turquoise ring, which looks antique. It's quite fitting that Rasmus's old rose shirt is creased and his purse, made from distressed leather. Even his shoes look vintage. They match — you've guessed it — his of-the-moment iPhone.

Rasmus 02

Photos from Stil in Berlin, Stockholm Street Style, and The Sartorialist

Monday, July 27, 2009

A tribute to my readers, Part II

Anniv 02

As another week begins, let me conclude this blog's anniversary festivities by giving thanks to all my Blogger followers, to those who have linked to El Bosquejo from their sites, and to other friends and supporters along the way.

Today's post is for you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thrift shoe Shangri-La in Pasig

Pasig thrift shoes

Yes, this is how the first shoe rack I saw beckoned. Like a prophet with a life-changing revelation.

I think out of experience, one develops a way of taking a quick glance at a thrift shop and deciding if it's worth visiting. One good sign is a well stocked rack. The first things you notice about this one — besides the boots — are the navy blue boat shoes.

Pasig chukka 01

Though no pair fit me, these chukka boots more than eased the pain. (Pardon the pictures for this post. This pair is actually more tan than olive.) I immediately took a liking to its handmade quality.

First time I saw chukkas I fell for the combination of rough stitching and aproned "skirts". I like the fettuccini laces on this pair. Too bad the one on the left seems to have been shortened.

Pasig chukka 02

The suede needs to be cleaned. But I think the chips in the sole and the weathered parts add to the folk feel of this type of footwear.

Pasig chukka 03

Another interesting detail: rusty metal fasteners.

Pasig laceups 01

I also found these very soft laceups (more mahogany than clayish brown) after the chukkas. In contrast to the boots above, this is a finely constructed pair.

Pasig laceups 02

Just look at the stitching. I also appreciate the thin soles. I wonder how the color will turn out once cleaned.


Even with just these two pairs, I could have gone home uncontestably happy. Here I am at Shangri-La Mall after the trip to Pasig City, already wearing the laceups instead of the shoes I left the house with.

Tee, People are People; jeans, Bench; belt, Brave Beltworks; laceups, thrifted; PVC bag, 5cm; gold watch, Omega Seamaster

Pasig moccasins 01

But then fate interferred and brought me these tasseled loafers in the last store I stopped by.

The design is simple and clean. Was surprised to see tassel fastenings that looked like staple gun bullets, but eventually they won me over.

Pasig moccasins 02

What is it about good slip-ons and their back stitching?


Here is Onin Lorente of Style Anywhere, who took my picture and accompanied me around the unfamiliar city.


And here I am with my camera print tee, a witness to the unfailing power of thrift shopping.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Relishing my cucumber pants


So I suppose it's quite obvious by now that I'm on Pants Fixation Week. But indulge me, especially with this next pair, which I also picked up from a thrift store.


I had to look at them twice, then pace and think several times before I decided to buy them. There's something grotesque about the combination of zippers (they're fake and do not open) and bunched up creases, don't you think?

First I thought that it would be extremely difficult to wear them with anything, but they have slowly come into their own. I had only thought of this terry cloth tee combination before I wore them yesterday, and I was surprised to see that the two very different fabrics didn't clash.


I was also worried that people would shake their heads in disapproval since the pants look so different, but friends and colleagues have not only gotten used to them, but have grown fond of the pair as well.

I, in my part, look forward to wearing them in another surprising combination.

Tee, Replay; pants, thrifted; tote, American Boulevard; thrifted sneakers, Comme des Garçons Shirt; sand necklace, gift

Photos by Cecilia Aycocho

Yellow floral pants for men

Floral pants - Sea of Shoes

Who says Jane Aldridge can have all the fun?

Floral pants - The Sartorialist

Leave gold embroidery for women, but men can always partake of bold floral prints, even in yellow and especially in the summer. Reminds me of the huge flower design shirts by Tommy Hilfiger in the 90s.

While Jane has accessoried using colors from her pants, this gentleman uses two shirts for that purpose, and a scarf with a red base color as accent. Key to his outfit is that when rolled up, his pants show a white underside, which eases the transition from loud florals to unassuming Chucks.

Friday, July 24, 2009

How to wear white jeans


So shoot me. My first advice would be to wear white as if you don't care getting dirty. This is the most important thing to keep in mind. Otherwise don't bother.


Okay, so after ignoring my Alfalfa hair, let me say that this is a real escaltor stepped on by all sorts of people. The good news is I thrifted this pair for a mere pittance, which makes this picture doubly alright.

In this instance, I have chosen a black and white ensemble. In order that I won't be confused as an orderly (!), wore a plastic necklace, two wooden necklaces wound together and worn as a bracelet, and another bracelet made of tiger's eye — which serves as the outfit's accent.

The stripes on the shirt's collar and sleeves help to establish a theme.


And so does this skinny belt, barely seen. I think this is best done at the back or on either side, not in front.


So there. White on white can be quite tricky. Accessories not necessary if you have well cut trousers, a nice shirt, and, most importantly, the attitude.

So how have you worn your white jeans?

Tee, Zara; jeans, thrifted; belt, APC; plastic necklace, Qeelin; sneakers, Generic Surplus

Photos by Cecilia Aycocho

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A new leaf


Thank you very much for all the blog birthday greetings and comments, especially to Kitsch, who has provided constructive input. Much appreciated. Will do my best to make this page more interesting and inspiring to readers, while enjoying more myself.

Took these pics the other day. Initially, I wanted to wear the vest all buttoned up, but it didn't feel right. Why? Because much of the pattern – the plaid from the shirt and the diagonal stripes from the skinny tie – would have been obscured, dulling the outfit.


Was about to leave the room with just the shirt and tie (the other items too, of course), but the powder blue and grays felt too neutral; not even the brown leather belt and laceups were enough to ground what I was wearing. So the vest was a last-minute adjustment. Other times, a jacket, tie, or hat can serve this purpose.

G200 shirt, Two Percent jeans, wool tie, and vest: all thrifted; laceups, Marlboro Classics; belt from Italy

Pictures by Cecilia Aycocho

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A tribute to my readers on the blog's first anniversary


Can you guess any of the people/organizations in this collage? Each has commented at one point or another on El Bosquejo since 22 July 2008.

The blog wouldn't have gone this far without your kind words and support. So this day is for you.

If you have left comments but are not part of this, it's not too late for you to send me pics. Before the week ends, I will also be featuring my followers. More readers to appear on the site.

Till the next year! Once again, thanks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blue, brown, and birthday yellow


Blog anniversaries are everyday things. That's why I am announcing El Bosquejo's first year anniversary, which falls tomorrow, within an outfit post. (Technically, the blog started in 2007 with just one post. So I begin my count on July 22.)

Let me just say that I am happy just to have had the chance to reach out to people, talk to them online, even inspire them.

Tretorn x Acne 01

Many things have changed, from the format to the content, and I am planning on even more developments. But I will be needing your help. I will be setting up polls on my sidebars about the blog's content, asking you, my readers, all sorts of stuff — from current blog favorites to reader suggestions. I hope you take part.

I don't think you have been introduced well to these Tretorn x Acne sneakers.


One of the changes I have in mind are reader features. In addition to writing about fellow bloggers or famous people like models, designers, and artists, I am interested in you, my readers. If you have been following this blog for even more than a week, it must mean that we have something in common.

I want to know more about you, what you do, your thoughts on fashion, art, or anything written on or linked from this blog. What inspires you? What makes your creativity tingle? What makes you skip sleep?

Tretorn x Acne 02

Feel free to leave comments about yourself or links to your page. Better yet, leave me an email ( Let's sit down over electronic coffee and have a talk. Who knows what kind Reader Posts we can cook up?

Shirt, Esprit; jeans, Bench; wool tie, thrifted; filigree belt; Brave Beltworks; nylon sneakers, Tretorn x Acne

Street photos by Cecilia Aycocho

'Clothes' by Wisława Szymborska


You take off, we take off, they take off
coats, jackets, blouses, double-breasted suits,
made of wool, cotton, cotton-polyester,
skirts, shirts, underwear, slacks, slips, socks,
putting, hanging, tossing them across
the back of chairs, the wings of metal screens;
for now, the doctor says, it's not too bad,
you may get dressed, get rested up, get out of town,
take one in case, at bedtime, after lunch,
show up in a couple of months, next spring, next year;
you see, and you thought, and we were afraid that,
and he imagined, and you all believed;
it's time to tie, to fasten with shaking hands
shoelaces, buckles, velcro, sippers, snaps,
belts, buttons, cuff links, collars, neckties, clasps
and to pull out of handbags, pockets, sleeves
a crumpled, dotted, flowered, checkered scarf
whose usefulness has suddenly been prolonged.

From 'Poems New and Collected'

Nima Pour from Germany

Nima P

Another Lookbook discovery. While Nima has posted only two looks, we can already deduce that he knows his colors and accessories.

He turns the casual jeans/shorts-and-tee combination into something stylish with his necklaces, bags, jackets, and coats. The key thing of course, is that his hair approves of his sartorial choices — in fact, it is this that grants him greater license.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Balmain Men at Luisa Via Roma

I haven't really been paying attention to the first two collections of Balmain for men. It was only when these items from the Fall 2009 collection became available at Luisa Via Roma that I became hooked.

This all-over multicolor print jersey t-shirt, for example, looks plain at first sight. But just inspecting the details, and remembering the fact that it's jersey, will surely make you think twice.

It also comes in gray, but the design is all in black.

This striped and all-over multicolor print jersey t-shirt variation is more interesting.

Set aside the shirt, and you can gawk at these destroyed biker jeans. Who would have thought knee pads look this good in denim and incorporated into jeans? With the ribbed paneling, the zippered pockets, and the crotch shaped like a baby grand, this pair breaks the monotony of plain ripped jeans, which are becoming bland.

Grunge rock in black.

The first outfit will go well with this satin trim tuxedo jacket. The slim fit washed leather blazer leather jacket is worn best with the black jeans and the striped gray tee.

Notice the slightly peaked shoulders, the wide opening, and the cropped sleeves.

Patiently we wait for the stellar moment of Balmain Men. Until then, these offerings are enough to heighten our anticipation.