Saturday, August 29, 2009

At the center of things


Sometimes I wish I worked and lived in a city with parks or accessible suburbs, so I can have mood pictures for my outfit posts. Or even areas with abandoned buildings. But I suppose the random things and little suprises in the same tired streets of Manila's central business district will do — in the meantime at least.


At the center of my outfit yesterday is an animal claw pendant that I made into a brooch-cum-tie-pin, which fastens a temporary skinny scarf. I have posted this safey pin brooch before, after buying a bunch in different sizes.


Even if I may seem like an urban caged gorilla in my restricted city confine, inspiration always finds its way between the bars. But it may be time for a change of scene...

Tee, Polo by Ralph Lauren; tie and cardigan: both thrifted; jeans, Jil Sander; leather sneakers, Converse; pendant, American Boulevard

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Friday, August 28, 2009

High and low, Up and up


Took this after we watched UP, which may not have been one of the best thought-out stories from Pixar, but the cute, crazy, and totally implausible bits made the movie endearing.

Standing before a dry fountain in this photo, but since it was raining while we watched the film, the streets were wet. Big mistake to wear espadrilles in uncooperative weather. Rope stays wet for quite a while.

cK Jeans shirt, vest, tie, agnes b. leather and canvas messenger: all thrifted; jeans, Jil Sander; belt (not seen), APC; espadrilles from Davao

UP 01

But who cares, the movie just finished and squishy soles did not dampen my enthusiasm for what we just watched. In terms of fashion and literary devices, I really liked the part when the passing of time was shown by Ellie tightening Carl's many colorful ties.


Incidentally, my temporary high was enough to inspire me to snap pictures for my photo blog, Draft of Shadows, which I have just decided to reformat. Here are three scenes I passed by while I was walking back to Ayala Avenue.

UP 02

Like in the case of Disney's Lilo & Stitch, I firmly believe the writer was on crack when he was crafting some of the hilarious sequences.


If only we can fly away from it all — work, traffic, flooding. But then again, how long can you manage not updating your blog?

UP 03

I just noticed that for most of the movie Carl was wearing a bowtie, probably even in silk. Remember his well-coordinated ensembles (suit complete with vest) each time he and Ellie would climb their little hill?


How peaceful their life must have been...

UP 04

Carl's outfits were surely no competition against this "prehistoric" bird's plummage, but have you met a more stylish balloon salesman ?

Outift photo by Patricia Suzara

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The boat shirt


Been thinking about this ever since I missed out on an A.P.C. spring offering. I wonder when I'll stumble on something in my size. These shirts can be tricky because of the wide collar, but let's see.

Trevor appears on Citizen Couture

It would be perfect in white and navy.

Last day to vote!

Sorry I haven't posted anything the past two days. Just finished writing articles for a magazine. Some exciting things have been happening, like a new fashion column I'll be doing for WestEast.

I just noticed that there is only one day left on my two surveys on the right side of this page: "What El Bosquejo posts have you enjoyed the most?" and "What would you like to see more of on El Bosquejo?" If you have already voted, many thanks. This is a big help for redefining and redesigning the site.

If you haven't yet, vote now!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Oliver A. from Sweden takes on Lookbook

Oliver 01

Oliver A does so not just by his impeccable personal style, but also by his unconventional attitude.

Oliver 02

Who else but he has posted something like this in his Lookbook profile, in toto:

Why must there be a karma filter when I see so much more potential with those who do not have a strong reputation within the community? It is as if a President does not listen to the people of his country. It is as if people discriminate with those who have a lower reputation. But how can you build a better reputation if you're not given a second chance? The Hot page is always so dull to me. Wouldn't it be better if the karma filter was eliminated? There would be more traffic for everyone, but then everyone would have an equal chance.

Oliver 03

Everyone is beautiful in one way or another. Why are there only thin people with 'perfect' bodies in this place? Were we not educated to embrace those who differ from us those who were not blessed with perfect skin and never-ending legs? Why do we hype those who are pretty and not those who are fashionably late? Pretty boy, pretty girl. Does it even matter as long as you try your best to look nice?

Oliver 04

You may agree or disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Giving them your point of view is one thing, but being harsh to another to agree with you is another story. But I'll tell you one thing: I've read many things about how intimidating this place is to newcomers and there are people viewing from the shadows too scared to come out of their shells. Hence, this place is a failure.

Oliver 05

Oliver is quite frank, even if he does have most of the characteristics that make online celebrities of Lookbook members. His words are well appreciated, as many have expressed through comments.

Oliver 06

As with beauty pageants and popularity contests, anyone who posts at Lookbook must contend with bias and prejudice. Most of the time a high number of hypes isn't tantamount to style. The site, after all, is more about fashion, what's current, what's in the mode — in good taste and bad.

Oliver 07

Like this illustration of Oliver, it all comes down to the picture, which is composed of both illusion and reality; acting and personality; setting, mood, lighting, and natural beauty.

Oliver 08

The camera is not friendly to everyone, but everyone can be stylish, and those who truly are, do not need popularity for confirmation.

Light, color, patterns, textures, proportion, imagination, personality: all of these come together without any nefarious strategem. Without fanfare, they become part of the course of one day in a person's life . Like pleasant weather and sudden music, they are mere blooms in a season of inspiration.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gray thrifting holiday


Spent the whole day last Friday in bed since I wasn't feeling well, as is a little evident in these pictures. Must have been the flu. Good thing I had taken meds starting Thursday night. By Friday afternoon I was feeling strong enough to join my friend on a return trip to the Japanese goods shop.

I broke in my new espadrilles and combined a fabric and wood pendant necklace with my current bauble favorite.


This was the gray striped pullover I found inside one of the boxes crowding the garage. It was up for only PhP10 (US$0.20). I adopted it like a poor unwanted puppy. But I didn't get the brown beanie I was holding in the first picture since it was already hopelessly mangy.


My next find was this gray jacket. The shoulders fit snuggly and I liked the lapels, but I was unsure about the sleeve length. I think they're even shorter than what Thom Browne prescribes. But I got it anyway, since I could wear it casually.

The tie was the third item of the day. Looking at this picture now, I'm wondering why I never thought of wearing ties untied, like scarves.


Believe it or not, after all the exertion rummaging through dusty clothes, I went home feeling more than a little better.

Outfit photos by Cecilia Aycocho

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My latest fix: Authentic navy espadrilles

Espadrilles 01

It's been months seen I've wanted to buy espadrilles, but I just wasn't satisfied with the quality or the feel of the products being sold here. I think this purchase from Aldevinco in Davao City, in the country's southern region, is worth the wait.

Espadrilles 02

Nothing that I've seen here has the same combination of rope (I hope it's jute) and rubber, and though this pair may be less durable than what's available at Zara or similar retail chains, I would prefer these since they're closer to the traditional articles.

I presume cosido a mano calidad artesania means "hand-sewn, quality craftsmanship". My Spanish-speaking readers are free to correct me.

Espadrilles 03

I suppose this pair was made in Spain and just brought to Davao. If so, they would indeed be closer to the espadrilles worn in Catalonia from way back in the 14th century (so says Wiki). In any case, the feel of authenticity always adds to the experience — besides the fact that walking on rubber and rope is more comfortable than it looks.

Espadrilles 04

I've read about the difficulty with finding the right size for espadrilles. Since they are made from fabric, one is told to get something that fits smaller than snug to allow for the material to stretch. This has become a dilemma for my long-distance purchase. My mom had a size 37, but my toes were already half-folded, so I got a 38, which turns out a little loose, at least for one shoe.

I guess I will have to see. Won't be much of a problem since I have relatives in the south and the pair only cost me PhP650 (around US$13). What's more, I'm still thinking if I'll also get a black and/or brown pair.

I wore them out yesterday on another thrift shopping trip. Will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Robert Geller for Levi's

After the white shirt and tee, I don't think there's anything sexier on a man than a worn out denim shirt.

One-pocket denim gradient shirt

After denim comes chambray.

Reconstructed chambray work shirt

Denim is a naturally masculine fabric, built for work and wear.

Bib-front denim shirt

Meant to collect dust.

Type III vest with Sherpa lining

Denim has its own frank confidence.

Long work coat

Robert Geller's design quirks have done Levi's well.

Type III trucker jacket with blanket lining

Heightening the sensuality of denim.

Long Mod parka with blanket lining

1933 501 jean

606 slim jean

But don't you think his white shirt is more complicated than necessary?

Armhole-pleat shirt

Images from

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vertical clearance


I've done this before, but not quite the same. Here is my blue, horizontally-striped sheer sweater again, worn over a shirt with solid verticals.

Must make note to self to buy similarly lengthed shirts for the more casual look. I'm afraid I'm getting quite tired of my belts.


I found a red bike again! This time conveniently parked near the back of the office building. Wanted to ride it for this picture but I wasn't sure if the owner was watching.

Again this latest bauble necklace, but paired with a tie with crests.


Now here is an important lesson: if I must insist on wearing relatively baggy jeans, I shouldn't wear them with boots or I'll only look shorter than I already am. Otherwise just stick to skinnies — even if the trend is waning, they are always a refuge for the vertically challenged.

Sheer sweater, Zara; shirt, tie, and boots: all thrifted; necklace, DIY

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Monday, August 17, 2009

Effortless street (or photographic editing)


Johannes, a fashion student, wears a white shirt from Benetton, vintage shorts, and a bag from Fred Perry

Vanessa Jackman reveals in the comments page that under his shorts, Johannes is also wearing high-waisted silver leggings from American Apparel.


Rasmus is wearing a shirt, socks, shorts, and a belt: all from Ralph Lauren; and shoes from Paul Smith

Take a look at the full shot from the same link and you will see what his shoes and socks look like.


Simon is wearing chinos from Weekday, a shirt from Day, a bracelet from H&M, and shoes from Converse

The proportions are perfect, especially with his leather portfolio, but what you don't know is that he also sports a big tattoo under his immaculate shirt. Click on the link to see for yourself.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kimono robe and shorts


I haven't really talked about the patterns on this blue kimono robe I thrifted months ago and wore with a tank top and sheer sweater back in June.

As you can see below, the top part has an alternate stitching pattern. It is not clear here (maybe in another post), but the lower part of the robe shifts to cross-hatching.


Here are the steel beads once again, but worn on a thin stainless chain, paired with the smallest of my sheep brooches.


The robe is interesting enough for me to keep the accessories small, and I Iove how they go well with my DIY denim cut-offs. (I still have a stack of sentenced jeans and pants).


Finishing today's outift are these loafers that are so worn that they are almost as comfortable as sneakers. Who says leather shoes are only for work days?

Robe and Lee denim, both thrifted; tee, Public Enemy; accessories, DIY; loafers, Dexter