Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Street fix: Band jacket goes preppy


What first caught my attention were Kyle's glasses, then his hair. Then as I was about to take his picture, he unrolled his jacket, which brought character to his outfit.

He was with Megan. Together, they made an adorable couple.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wood and plastic necklace for new Sand line

sand necklace

As I was preparing my stuff for a two-night stay at the beach, I was thinking I wanted to make a necklace for the trip. Good thing I brought along my bare, wooden beads and some clear and opaque plastic trinkets.

I was off in less than fifteen minutes with my bag and my new lightweight accessory. Opted for Sand instead of Summer to make the collection title more tangent, but at the same time more encompassing. Plan to use more types of wood, plastic, and perhaps even coffee beans.

Writing this back from an island-hopping excursion, my tote is heavier with white shells and corals that have been damaged or cracked, but now all bear holes big enough for nylon string.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Onyx, obsidian, and meteorite necklace


I asked the saleslady if the cratered beads they were selling really came from space. She laughed, and I shrugged it off. Nobody was buying the "meteorite", so I wanted it.

This is the necklace I made for my mom as a gift especially for Christmas Eve, since she was looking for a necklace other than a long strand of pearls to go with her red dress. Coincidentally, the piece went well with what I was wearing yesterday morning.


Besides the leftover rosette onyx, I used medium-sized "meteorite" beads, obsidian, and some gray squarish stones. I decided to use gray with black to give my mom's red dress more character. She wore this double-stranded.


I hope you had a merry Christmas, because I did. Besides meeting relatives again, tasting my cousin's dishes, and the gifts, I was also able to sell both my "grotesque" steel necklaces and something new from my Sacre line (will post this by and by), plus a couple of orders for new hardware pieces.

It was likewise amazing how necklaces I conceived for men looked great on my aunts!


Again, I liked how this turned out. Different colors, textures, and shapes.


Tee, Rogan; thrifted skinny jeans, Dior Homme; belt, Brave Beltworks; sneakers, Generic Surplus; necklace, DIY


I was also able to make a necklace-gift for my grandmother, which she was happy to receive. It was shorter and was accentuated with shiny, metallic hematite beads. This afternoon I was also able to make a combination piece from black wooden beads and onyx for my cousin — much lighter than the earlier necklaces, but still looks interesting because of the new colors and textures.

As I write this post in the beach, I am wearing a new necklace made of unfinished wood and plastic, which I think is the start of a new line. Summer, perhaps?


I hope this venture blossoms. Watch this page — at least until I am able to put up my Bosquejo accessories site!

Happy holidays!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow / My first sale

Black 01

When Johanna told me that she was happily feeling the texture and shape of the rosette onyx beads and baroque pearls from the black necklace I just sold her, I knew it was in good hands.

This is how it looks up close — pearls and onyx with obsidian.


This was how I wore the very first version of this necklace, which was shorter and meant as a male accessory.

Black 02

Jo is right by saying that from afar the piece looks just like any other bead necklace, and that it is only after closer inspection that one notices — from the colors and shapes of the reflected light — that the necklace is different.


Tee and skinny belt, A.P.C.; jeans, Two Percent; bonnet, 5cm; bracelet, three strands of ball-and-chain necklaces

Black 03

It was Jo's suggestion to wear it double-stranded. Now the piece takes on a life of its own, just like any creation that exchanges hands.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Grotesque hardware necklaces

Hardware necklace 09

If this one had to have a title, I would name it Empire, or maybe Dominion, since it looks like a throne or the huge beads remind me of planets and intergalactic space flight.

Hardware necklace 10

This can simply be called Guillotine, for obvious reasons. Must admit that I was a little disturbed when I finished it, but that is part of the reason why I like it. Laughed hard when my sister said I could use it to clip and wear my office ID. She's right, of course.

Now in the province. Tried to bring all my materials so I can make more necklaces, but sadly, airline luggage limits stopped me...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hinge and bobbin hardware necklace: a variation


Met up with my friend Johanna last Friday to show her the black pearl and onyx necklace. (Just sold her today — my very first sale! — the longer version with obsidian I wore last Saturday. More on this in another post...) That day, I wore a single-stranded edition of the bobbin and hinge necklace I made earlier — which incidentally, another friend has already reserved.

Decided to wear the necklace with a monochromatic get-up for the steel to stand out.

Hardware necklace 07

This is how it looks up close, but only after one modification that Jo (short for Johanna) suggested.


I closed two hinges and removed the topmost one — which was digging into my neck (ouch!).

Polo shirt, Armani Exchange; jeans, Two Percent; sandals, Birkenstock

Outfit photos: Johanna Hife

Hardware necklace 08

I am besides myself with this new venture — creating new pieces, modifying them for clients, and posting them as fast as I can. I promise to write about regular topics as soon as I launch the online site of Bosquejo accessories. In a few days I hope!

Stainless steel 02

Again I wore the piece with another necklace. Here is the stainless steel chain with a bike pendant I intend to wear/sell with it.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Black faux fur vest with onyx and black pearls


Sure, I have worn a lace skirt as a cardigan for Halloween, but this I have never done.

Went to Rockwell to visit Pier Lim, a friend who was selling his clothes at a bazaar. We were kidding around, and another friend and I decided to wear some of the items while going through the bazaar. Here are two of the shots.


I am donning the faux fur vest with a work in progress: a black necklace I am designing for another friend — a girl, hence the length. It is made up of irregular black pearls, onyx stones with rosette carvings, and obsidian, which is also black but with a sheen more subtle than onyx.

Still getting the hang of it, especially with the heat, but I must say that the texture and sheen of the vest give my black outfit more than a little zest.

Faux fur vest, Pier Lim; black tee, G200; sheer cardigan; thrifted; jeans, Jil Sander

Photos by Michael Son

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Amulet medallion necklace over henley

Sacre 02

Remember the first amulet medallion necklace I made? Well this is very similar, except that I have used an extra amulet and more kinds of beads. Also a stainless steel necklace instead of nylon.


Wearing it this time with a henley, which I think works better with the piece. A friend has asked me to design a similar necklace for his close model/actress friend. Come to think of it, this would go very well with a light cotton or linen shirt dress.

Sacre 01

I get giddy just thinking of the many variations possible! As I have mentioned, I want each and every accessory to be unique, if not as closely tailored to a personality as possible.


Feels like I'm back to high school craft class, which I was very fond of.

Henley, cK Calvin Klein; jeans, Jil Sander; belt, Brave Beltworks; scarf, thrifted; amulet medallion necklace, DIY; chain from Divisoria

Stainless steel 01

I could have worn the necklace separately, but I felt there was one button too many above it. So I used this chain. Am also planning to sell simple, chain-and-pendant necklaces for those who want something simpler and a lot lighter.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hardware necklace from bobbins and door hinges

Hardware necklace 05

The people at the hardware store thought I was a reseller, with all the cable connectors, door hinges, and bobbins I bought. I'm sure the clerk who sold me the items was laughing when I was already ready to pay and leave without even asking for the hinge screws — which I obviously didn't need!

As with the other pieces, this latest one with a double stainless steel ball chain necklace surprised me after I finished it. Admittedly, this looks more feminine than the others, but the hardcore metalware still allows it to be worn by men.

Hardware necklace 06

My sister says it look couture — whatever that means. What do you think?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crown of thorns


That's what I decided to name this Sacre necklace. Though it's no great sacrifice to pose in front of a camera and tripod, am still getting the hang of it — trying not to laugh at myself in embarrassment.

This was how I wore the necklace yesterday.

Crown of Thorns 01b

I got the beads and amulet from four different places. Putting them together took time, starting with a concept and working my way one bead at a time.


I know some may find the styling offensive, but I think it works — both aesthetically and conceptually; the combination of the Sacre necklace, gold pendant, and irreverent tee emphasizes the meeting of the sacred and profane. (Soon my teeth will match my accessories, with all the coffee I drink.)

Crown of Thorns 02b

Working on this necklace was no different from working on an article or a poem. Each sentence or line, like each bead, should flow smoothly from the one before it; and everything should come together to convey a cohesive and coherent meaning. At least that was how it felt for me.


Time to run back to Quiapo to get more amulets. Got my first two orders!

Stretch tee, De Puta 69; cargo pants, Izzue; filigree belt, Brave Beltworks; crucifix pendant, bought from Florence; wore everything yesterday with a vintage gold-plated Omega Seamaster

Bosquejo DIY necklaces: sneak preview

Bosquejo 01

The past three days, I have been busy beading trinkets into necklaces that I think I can finally be able to wear proudly and sell to the public.

Here are five initial pieces that represent the first three themes I have used in creating the accessories: Noir, Hardware, and Sacre.

Bosquejo 02

The first necklace on the left is made of irregular black pearls and onyx stones carved into rosettes — with a few wooden beads. The second stainless steel necklace you have already seen; it looks unique because of the use of cable connectors. The last three pieces were conceived by expounding on the idea of the holy: using amulets and transforming them into buried treasure.

Bosquejo 03

I plan to launch a separate site very soon to sell these items. (But feel free to comment or email if you already want to order.) Instead of Bosquejo Bauble, I have decided to rebrand to Bosquejo.

I would think these are not bad gift ideas, for those who haven't crossed out everybody in their list — both men and women, since I think these pieces are largely androgynous. I plan to make each piece unique and unrepeated. I will also be open for special custom-made requests, e.g. to make a piece that will best suit someone's personality and looks.

Now it's back to my beads...

What do you think of these first few pieces?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Street fix: How to wear red jeans


No, this doesn't involve sitting on dirty escalators. Compared to white jeans, I think it's even harder to wear red trousers since they grab people's attention by the horns.

While other people just pair them with a white or other neutral-colored shirt, this bloke has bravely — yet also quite sensibly — tamed the wild color by topping it with a sobering dose of dark blue. Instead of clashing, the two colors come in equilibrium.

Equally important to his outfit is the matching of his brown cap with his beige sneakers, which helps him avoid looking like a two-tone flag. That or your other choice of slashing your pants.

Kudos goes to Fred.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gray gardens


So this is how I wore the hardware necklace I made yesterday: with a white tee and an additional bead necklace to set off the color theme.

No, the band I was wearing on my left wrist didn't have anything to do with sports.

Gray bangles

It's made of plastic, instead of rubber, and comes in packs of six. Unlike the usual thick wooden bangles for women, this is thinner and I think can be used by men — singly, with other accessories like a watch, and at most in threes.


Trust me, it was just the heat.

Hardware necklace 04

This tee has a history.


Happy birthday to me. All in all I've been a good boy all my twenty eight years...

Tee, cK Calvin Klein; thrifted jeans, Dior Homme; skinny belt, APC; sneakers, Generic Surplus; necklace, DIY; leather bag, Rabeanco

Outfit photos by Patricia Suzara

Friday, December 11, 2009

Style stalking + Jil Sander + Comme des Garçons

Style stalking 02

While scouring the stalls and racks at Divisoria and Greenhills for possible components of men's accessories, I stumble upon two surprises that make me wonder how ideas get around or are not actually as original as we think.

This seasoned gentleman, who I sat in front of during public transport, immediately evoked Jil Sander's Fall 2008 collection.

Prada Fall 2008

See how uncanny the similarities?

Style stalking 03

Only used my iPhone, which produced — after Photoshop — Rembrandtesque lighting. Allowed me to pretend I was only texting...

Comme des Garcons Fall 2009

Now although the second gentleman I spotted didn't immediately remind me of any runway outfit, joining these two ensembles from Comme des Garçons's Fall 2009 show should do the job.

Style stalking 04

Of course, eyes were turning in his wake, intent for the kill.

Bosquejo Bauble: Hardware collection

Hardware necklace 01

I have just finished my latest piece for my DIY accessories, AKA Bosquejo Bauble, and I am still staring at it in awe. Never expected something created from cable connectors and random beads to look this exquisite.

Previous pieces were created using amulets.

Hardware necklace 02

Would you wear something that looks like this? Give it your brother, boyfriend, or best friend?

Hardware necklace 03

I will be wearing it today over a plain white tee, as I search again for unlikely items from the hardware, and even perhaps some junk shops and other unlikely places.