Monday, January 4, 2010

Bosquejo means business

Angel 02

The Bosquejo facebook page is now up and I need fans! You can view all the pieces I have made for the four collections: Sacre, Djinn, Hardware, and Sand.

Here are some of my latest necklaces. The one above, entitled "Angel", from the Sacre collection.

Lozano 01

Three Djinn necklaces I made for my cousins.

Enrique 02

The "Enrique" necklace for, well, my friend Enrique.

Lots more pieces and new collections to come!


Anonymous said...

oh no! how can we view your work for those who are non-facebook admirer but is an admirer of you and your work?

Alexej said...

Hey,the "Sacre" collection is great.I like religious symbolism.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Alexej: Thanks. I can make one just for you, if you want.

Anonymous: You can view the page even if you don't have a facebook account