Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bottega Veneta's boots and bolos

Bottega Veneta 01

Yes, for me accessories are the highlights of Bottega Veneta's Fall 2010 collection. And boots have also left deep impressions throughout many of the shows.

These two above are fairly simple, but they illustrate how many pairs of trousers were slimmed down for effect.

Bottega Veneta 02

These thick-soled lace-ups are then a clear sign of the era the label draws inspiration, or at least imagery, from. (The croc skin on the right is worthy of the brand.)

Bottega Veneta 03

Weight is what the boots give the outfits, with their soft, creased, and crumpled fabrics. Seeing the whole pictures, the buckled shin straps make more sense — even if they look more like thick wrist bands. (The bags look familiar, right?)

Bottega Veneta 04

Only a few things that I noticed from show, and these flecked sweaters are part of the list.

Bottega Veneta 05

Yes, the jeans, and the blazers that are marginally formal and understated enough to avoid being sleek — perfect for the denim-clad and slicked-back romantic/rebel.

Bottega Veneta 06

Honestly, these are the outfits that I enjoyed the most. Because of the fedoras, which perfectly complement the oval-buckled skinny belts, the thick-soled laceups, and the loose jeans. Oh and the trunks!

Bottega Veneta 07

Like the bags above, the shirt on the right looks familiar, and I've noticed this in other collections: something is always carried over from the previous season. In this case the print. The shirt on the left looks new, even if it resembles the M on Maison Martin Margiela's shirts and tees from a past collection.

Bottega Veneta 08

Spring 2010's DBs have shed their pagoda shoulders for Fall. The colors are also familiar.

Bottega Veneta 09

Though I'm not complaining since the jackets are indeed distinct, unlike the satin trousers on the right, which resemble those from Dolce & Gabbana and maybe even Prada.

Bottega Veneta 10

These evening jackets may have been meant to be the collection's masterpieces, with their oil paint splotches. (Cummerbunds again!)

Bottega Veneta 11

But this only brings me to my point that Fall 2010 is quite disappointing for Bottega Veneta. That is why I am posting next their Spring 2010 collection, which I missed and I am partial for.

Bottega Veneta 12

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