Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In retrospect


Wore this outfit last March 2009, and decided to revive it today, but in a different way.


What one year does, indeed. While I was looking for my first job years ago, I hated ties and felt they were too cumbersome for everyday wear. Blame this blog and more than a little boredom I guess.

Now, I would have rolled my pants up to my knees just for you to notice my argyle socks!


I think this must have also been the last time I wore these leather hybrid lace-ups. Notice that this is the same window backdrop in my last post.

Sheer sweater, Zara; shirt, Gap; jeans, Two Percent; shoes, Giordano Concepts; tie, thrifted


I'm still going through the recent Milan and Paris shows. Reviews soon. Besides reminiscing on the good old days of cameo picture-taking, I also sort of miss Tim Blanks's commentary. He disappeared when men.style.com became gq.com. Now the reviews are cheeky, and I suppose targeted at a younger audience with less cultural memory.

Amazingly, I find that looking at the shows in between my other activities clears my mind. Even if fashion history and reference-making are more complicated and cross-hatched than simple plaid.

Cardigan and tie: both thrifted; shirt, Gap; jeans, Bossini; shoes, Giordano Concepts

Photos by Patricia Suzara

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-h said...

I'm not a fan of the gq switch over either. I'm someone that grew up watching Tim Blanks, so he's like a childhood hero to me. Tim Blank's reviews for the menswear are now on style.com in one of their blog sections.

Great sweaters, and also the grey jeans are pretty cool too.