Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My ochre printed pajama jacket


Okay, I know. The holidays have damaged my diet, and now I look bloated and pudgy. (I also just had a hefty lunch.) It's time to relearn some good habits.

In terms of fashion, while I still insist on corny and conservative poses, I also remain an advocate of layering in relatively warm weather. The fabric of this pajama top is so light that it barely feels I am wearing two pieces.


The buttons, I think, are also a good touch. Their size makes the use of the top as a jacket more plausible.


Here is the print up close. The pattern looks made of fine snowflakes...

I better shake of this holiday lethargy! And hopefully also shake off calories in the process.

Shirt, Old Navy; pajama top, Dior Homme jeans, and Liz Claiborne belt: all thrifted; laceups, Marlboro Classics; 'Electric' Bosquejo necklace, created by the author

Photos by Patricia Suzara

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Anonymous said...

awww... its ok baby! I still adore u...