Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Relax, it's just Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell 01

Stumbled across this collection reposted at Slamxhype from The Fashionisto. One of the commenters on the latter page said that Margaret Howell had no originality. Another ventured to say that "anyone [sic] who reads [sic] more than two fashion magazines per month can come up with the collection".

Margaret Howell 02

Whoever that is, s/he should immediately set up shop.

The first time I saw a Margarett Howell advertisement, I was drawn in to their summer imagery, which was almost as laidback and possessive as a perfume commercial.

Margaret Howell 03

Even when the label was new, it looked as if it had been there for years — been weathered by the seasons and come back the better for it.

Margaret Howell 04

The silhouettes are not strict and allow you to live in them, while staying fit enough to be chic.

Margaret Howell 05

The clothes are loose when it matters, and snug only when called for.

Margaret Howell 06

Sure the colors are basic, and the mood is typical of casual weekends, but just take a look at the shirt hems.

Margaret Howell 07

The sleeves, the puffy arms, the waist, and the drop of the crotch.

Margaret Howell 08

Margaret Howell certainly doesn't aim to be ahead of trends.

Margaret Howell 09

But the label knows how to ride the wind and the waves.

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