Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yuketen ring boots

Yuketen ring boots 01

Maybe this would be enough for this pair, part of the Spring 2010 offering of the Japanese shoemaker, to stick in your mind.

It will soon be available on Dover Street Market.

Yuketen ring boots 02

I prefer the style in this color, from the Fall 2009 collection.

Yuketen ring boots 03

More views.

Yuketen ring boots 04

I like the grain of the leather, and of course, the details.

Yuketen ring boots 05

This close-up image looks as if it were taken from a bag. Reminds me of the goods of Palmer & Sons.

Yuketen ring boots 06

Sadly, it has already been sold out at the Museum Ark online store.

Yuketen ring boots 07

Here are variations on the model.

Yuketen ring boots 09

Unexpectedly in green.

Yuketen ring boots 08

Four pairs available now on the Yuketen website. These first two: ring boots with crepe wedges.

Yuketen ring boots 10

And the next: sports ring boots.

Hope to see more of these bag-shoes.


stylemarker said...

those boots are amazing! the vintage feel all the more makes them look like a wardrobe must-have.

*i LOVE the green colored ones!

markthatdesign said...

nice one! i am going to do a repeat: way cool! hehehe...yes, the leather, the details applied on it doesn't look like they are shoes unless you do a zoom out. hehe. interesting pair!