Saturday, February 6, 2010

The bang in The Cablog

The Cablog 01

I've been following The Cablog even during its first phase, on another page, which unfortunately is no longer available to the public.

Like me, the base of Ca's wardrobe is preppy.

The Cablog 02

He pays attention to details.

The Cablog 03

What I like mainly about The Cablog is that it shows the way its author lives.

The Cablog 04

The ease of style.

The Cablog 05

You know that what Ca wears is neither meant for show nor blog comments nor site hits.

The Cablog 06

There's a warmness to his posts.

The Cablog 07

Not everybody can gush every minute, every day.

The Cablog 08

Sometimes we just need something to hang on to.

The Cablog 09

Be it a color, a pattern, or a weave.

The Cablog 10

Of course, this is not to say that Ca doesn't know how to have fun.

The Cablog 11

I'm sure he does, even if his presence is not as strongly felt online.

We await both sunny and cloudy days.


-h said...

Fantastic style!

Ca said...

Oh my... thank you.

To be honest I don't read too many blogs and the list of bookmarks has gotten shorter with time, especially after my last entry on the cablog. But today I decided to take a look around and what a great surprise this is! Very kind of you, mister.

Once again I must quote you: "You know that what Ca wears is neither meant for show nor blog comments nor site hits." I like that. And the vague and lovely "warmness" that you mention. Usual comments can be "great style, looks like fun, so cute" etc but what I really appreciate is when readers notice the substance and individually define a sense of meaning behind words and photos. That gives a blog more meaning and a genuine feel than just a common show-and-tell. This may sound a bit obnoxious and stuck-up kind of attitude, but I mean it.

Thank you again for the kind words and till next time; keep up the good work here (the other things you blog about as well, not just praising me, hahaha!)

And just to be really obnoxious again: you're on my bookmark list. May not mean a whole lot but I like how be both seem to share a way of thinking with different expressions. In other words, I like your blog.