Friday, February 5, 2010

Blogs wait by the roadside


They will have to, once the events of our lives take over like vines — for both the bloggers and even for information-overloaded readers.

Ca has recently decided to place The Cablog in hiatus, or suspended animation, waiting until inspiration comes back, or until things settle. So this post, and the one next (on his personal style), is dedicated to him, who once commented on a previous entry of mine, Black and White, on what I wrote:

Ca said...
" method has always been to wade through every complication and uncertainty to reach something with substance. I guess I aim for the same in my personal style and in my fashion commentary."

I may just quote you in this someday. Very similar to my style philosophy, even though we have complete different ways to express our individualities in terms of clothes and such.

So here I wear black and white again — well at least approximately, and sit at the same marble ledge. Returning to the same place works for those of us — most, if not all — who get lost.

Polo shirt, Zara; jeans, Levi's; jacket, thrifted; Bosquejo Hardware necklaces: Electric and Steel Sun

Photograph by Patricia Suzara

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