Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fashion videos: Prada vs Yves Saint Laurent

"First Spring" by Yang Fudong, filmed for Prada's Spring 2010 men's collection

"Ain't Nothin' But the Real Thing" by Bruce Weber, filmed for YSL's Fall 2010 collection

Honestly, I don't get the significance of the first. Cultural associations get confused with too many injections of brand personality. The story — if there is one — gets muddled by the label's regional positioning. So much so that the viewer only gets displaced, which is not at all bad given that that is part of the intended impact. To talk in the language of the clothes: there are too many holes.

Truly, there isn't anything like the real thing, and that is what Bruce Weber shows. There are many shades between the light and dark tones in nude film and photography, but Weber makes sure that what shows most prominently is the verve of life — unashamed, somewhat reckless, and undeniably genuine. Again, the short film for YSL is only indirectly related to the latest collection. It provides the depth of insight amid all the shadows.

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