Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The front tuck + The in-between bag


It's the first time I've done it with a shirt and not just a tee. (I know it sounds boring, but bear with me.) Though what I'm wearing is a little too stiff to achieve those loungy summer creases, I like what tucking does to the shirt's sheen. Also noticed that its better with a belt with a big buckle.

canvas bag

The point is, I didn't tuck the back, but before that here is my trusty canvas bag, which was given for free many Christmases ago by a favorite bookstore that I sorely miss (It's been closed for quite a while.) For the longest time, I've been using it to load all my stuff from my bag each time I go home, so that, whichever bag I use the next day, I'll be sure not to leave anything in a stray pocket. Like keys and my company ID. (Today I used it to bring gym stuff.)

Does this habit sound strange? Does anybody else have this problem?

I've heard of a compartmentalized "inner" bag that you put in an "outer" bag to fulfill the same purpose. But that just bothers me. It's like you have a fake bag and a real one, the former just for show.


So back to my back. Creases from all the sitting and slouching I've been doing this morning. Not bad, I say. And I don't think it would be the same if I had tucked it in. (Not a bald spot. Cowlicks.)

Shirt, Ben Sherman; jeans, Levi's; belt, Brave Beltworks

Outfit photos by Patricia Suzara

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dailytoiletpaper said...

bag organizers! 300something at SM, and theyre worth the trouble. (i havent bought one, but my sister swears by it) easier to look for stuff too if you have bigass bags.

changing bags isnt for show, it's just smarter to use a bag that's right for the occasion.