Monday, February 1, 2010

It's my time to blog for Benetton

I'm happy to tell you that I will be part of Benetton's IT'S:MY:TIME global casting competition as a blogger and contributor for the site of the contest, where you can upload a short video of yourself conveying your style and personality.

Benetton Its My Time 01

The casting competition is from February 8 - March 18. There will be 20 winners who will be chosen by a jury and will be sent to New York to shoot as the models of United Colors of Benetton's Fall 2010/Winter 2011 advertising campaign.

Only 7 days left till the kick-off! Here are Deungyong, Andrea, and Marcel, who will tell you about themselves.

Deungyong is from Korea and he loves martial arts, but people avoid him and he thinks it's because he looks scary. But Deungyong says he's actually a nice person. Watch the vid!

Benetton Its My Time 02

Andrea tells you how he's different, who he is and what he does. How things aren't just black and white.

He says he uploaded a video once about himself on the web, but only his mother, sister, and grandmother gave him hits. He thinks Benetton's IT'S:MY:TIME is his chance to get noticed.

Benetton Its My Time 03

Marcel is a rapper from Burkina Faso. He says he recorded tunes in his garage and uploaded it on some networking site.

"My wings don't fly anymore. My heart doesn't beat anymore. But no one listens to me." Now he wants to show people his skill.

Benetton Its My Time 04

Whatever you decide to include in your film, remember to be yourself and nobody else. Wear more than one outfit, sing, dance, bend a spoon with your mind. Be as creative as you can.

Benetton Its My Time 05

The first 100 will receive a prize. The early bird gets clothes, or plenty other possible things from Benetton.

Benetton Its My Time 06

I am very excited to begin writing for the contest. It's good that more and more labels are realizing the power of online marketing, word-of-mouth, and direct interaction with customers.

Never imagined the blog would lead to something like this. Who knows, you may also be surprised what a little effort, lots of courage, and panache — all uploaded onto YouTube — can do for you.


MONTAIGNE Street said...


It's nice for you to work with UCB, i doing the same things for France with my group Montaigne Street.

Good Bloggers Work !

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

we should do it!

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

To the guys at Montaigne Street: Nice to meet you! Glad to work with you and UCB.

Kwannam: We should!