Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Almost sleepless nights as of late, making necklaces. Thanks for all those who ordered and have stuff pending (already sent to Hong Kong, some pending for Chicago).

So today I decided not to wear any of my creations and look back — as I've been doing for recent posts (this is a diary, after all). This is the same place where I asked my friend and official photographer Trish to take my first semi-decent cameo.

And here I am again, under lamplight and insomniac buildings, beside a half-busy street, at approximately the same hour. There was a time when I preferred to disappear into a crowd. I think it still holds though, blog and all.

Dunhill navy cotton shirt and navy wool tie: both thrifted; skinny jeans, Two Percent; filigree belt, Brave Beltworks; navy nylon sneakers, Acne x Tretorn; blue argyle socks

Photo by Patricia Suzara

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