Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Tricker's on you

Trickers Brogue boot 01

Tricker's has created these three pairs of boots for Norse Projects.

I don't know if it's just me, but the Prussian blue color of these Brogue boots just stares at me. The pair looks half-serious and half-playful. Look at it long enough and it smiles at you like a Cheshire cat. (No, I'm not insane.)

Trickers Brogue boot 02

The serious part, of course, lies in the perforated brogue detailing. The playful, in the fact that the style has been appropriated for boots. The mischevous, in the clay-colored soles, which pout like a defiant lower lip.

Trickers Brogue boot 03

The thickness of the laces is just right; they don't draw away attention from the leather.

Trickers Brogue boot 04

Complements: prussian blue and clay orange.

Trickers Brogue boot 05

Ready for battle. All you need are khakis or severely washed denim.

Trickers Malton 01

The Malton is much more prim and upright.

Trickers Malton 02

I think these could be worn under slightly loose chinos, or if your boss doesn't mind, tuck both loose and skinny trousers inside the boots.

Trickers Malton 03

Looks like these can almost melt in your hand.

Trickers Malton 04

The handwritten touch. Better than printed numbers.

Trickers Malton 05

Detailing at the heel.

Trickers Malton 06

Good for raw denim, or medium-washed jeans.

Trickers Malton 07

A closer look. As if the craftsman/cobbler/leather cutter wrote you a note.

Trickers Malton 08

Pouch. Extra laces! How considerate.

Trickers Malton 09b

Wax and an after-care guide.

Trickers Staw 01

The Staw, a dark chocolate version.

Trickers Staw 02

Strange that changing the color almost changes the pair's character.

Trickers Staw 03

See for yourself.

Trickers Staw 04

Trickers Staw 05

Trickers Staw 06

Trickers Staw 07

Trickers Staw 08

Trickers Staw 09

Trickers Staw 10

Comes with heel guards. Pristine soles are meant to be soiled.

Trickers Staw 11

Since you can always clean up after.

Trickers Staw 12

No trick in that.