Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A day for Trussardi


I didn't even know Trussardi had a Tru Trussardi diffusion line. (Think Marc by Marc Jacobs or Raf by Raf Simons.) Went to Linea Uomo last weekend and bought a polo shirt (Tru by Trussardi) and linen pants (Trussardi Jeans) that were on sale. Wearing them with a recently thrifted denim jacket.


Now here is an important point. I'm sure you've noticed how men everywhere have been folding up the sleeves of their shirts with the hems peeking. Well, I do not like the idea — for shirts that is.

I think though that it is perfectly fine for denim jackets, since the color and texture are different on both sides.

(What I would do with shirts is just roll them up randomly, without any artifice. I prefer sleeves nonchalantly unkempt.)


Rear view. Nice fit.

The polo shirt is old-style, what your grandfather wears, which I have always favored.

Trussardi tag

This came in with the package: a customer card. I wonder if they really do send everyone across the globe updates on their promotions.

Polo shirt, Tru by Trussardi; linen jeans, Trussardi jeans; denim jacket, thrifted

Photos by Patricia Suzara

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