Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The day in detail

Day in details 01a

Some days go slow, some days pass in an unrecognizable and undifferentiated blur. They start in a rush.

Day in details 01b

Like in George Seferis's poem "Epiphany", many times all we have are the details.

Here is a cross-section of what I wore today:
Tee, Penguin; trousers, Y-3; tasseled moccasins and scarf: both thirsted; PVC bag, 5cm.

Day in details 01c

The moccasins I thrifted months before. I think they go well worn sockless and with the buttoned hem of the pants.

Here I am standing on the pavement in front of our house. The office day just ended.

Day in details 01d

Even when we are already sleeping, nothing stops. The history of the day moves right beneath our eyelids. We are still traveling, archiving, our memory picking out the details. Tidying the shelves as we tidy our cabinets so we can decide what to wear the next day.

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