Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ikat and faux fur


To my surprise (okay, I was aware of it, but not the date), all the lights on the street shut off and our house stood out of the dark. Then I remembered that it was Earth Hour. Thinking fast, I grabbed the faux fur jacket I thrifted recently and wore it over the Dries Van Noten ikat tee I wrote about just a few days ago. I like how the ensemble turned out against the black backdrop.


The scarf I borrowed from my sister (from a flea market trip that she didn't tell me about), and here also is my "Salvador" onyx necklace. The fake fur pattern is not as gaudy when worn — after all.


I know I couldn't hide my oily forehead — with the heat and the jacket, the shine could probably generate some kilowatts — but this has something practical to it. I have just had my US visa approved and an April trip to New York confirmed. I know it sounds silly to wear faux fur in spring (not sure yet if I will), but I really have no gauge, since I am quite sensitive to the cold and the last time I experienced spring was in 1999 (kids were skating in Innsbruck — or was it Salzburg — only in their tees while I had thermals and fleece).


Some advice from New Yorkers out there? What are we expecting in mid-April? The flight jacket I thirfted is still with the tailor for repair. A shirt, cardigan, and blazer? Denim and fleece? Wool? What would you wear?

Faux fur jacket and scarf: both thrifted; ikat tee, Dries Van Noten; jeans, Bench; belt, Brave Beltworks; necklace, Bosquejo


inkarlcerating said...

prints charming!

HF said...

it's spring so you can use your cardigans and light cotton jackets.