Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kenton Sorenson's laptop portfolio + dopp kit

Kenton Sorenson Leather 01

Truth be told, a leather portfolio for your laptop does not offer that much protection, or even functionality. Once you drop it, you risk not just losing your files but also getting out of touch from much of your wired life.

But just try touching the grain of naturally finished leather — like what Kenton Sorenson uses for its 15-inch laptop portfolio — and your hands will not suffer to part, much less slip from such an "impractical", albeit wonderfully sensual, everyday article.

Kenton Sorenson Natural Leather goods continue to impress. The latest Kenton creation is his most impressive yet. Form meets function in this 15" Natural Leather Laptop Sleeve and Portfolio. Kenton's signature strap closure allows the portfolio to expand to comfortably to fit a laptop, magazine, and paperwork. Kenton's hand conditioned vegetable tanned natural leather will become golden brown with consistent use and will last a lifetime. Attractive and extremely versatile.

Hand Made in Wisconsin
5oz Vegetable Tanned Leather
Length 15.5", height 12", and 1.25" deep

Kenton Sorenson Leather 02

The thick stitches are also a sight to behold. The ruggedness left by the touch of an artisan lasts long after the skin's natural oils have stiffened.

Open the flap, touch the underside of the leather like how you rub the soft down of a puppy's belly.

Kenton Sorenson Leather 03

So what if you are not convinced that this portfolio can replace your tote or your messenger. Even if you place it inside another, larger bag, the portfolio remains a personal pleasure.

Kenton Sorenson Leather 04

And how about this dopp kit, which looks like a slab of butter? Not just in color, but also the softness it promises.

Again, with no compartments, one questions the practicality (not to mention untidiness) of it, but have you tried keeping your stuff together by a string of suede instead of buttons or noisy velcro?

The Kenton Sorenson dopp kit is the perfect holiday gift. This dopp kit is hand made in Wisconsin using natural leather that will develop an amazing deep golden brown color with regular use. The kit has a simple leather wrap around tie closure that can also be used to keep the kit open while in use.

Made in the USA
100% Leather, Limited production
8 3/4 " long, 4" wide, 4" high

Kenton Sorenson Leather 05

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