Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My sheer pinstripe spring blazer


Fine day today, especially suited for something lighthearted but sufficiently exciting. I've always associated Manila summers with white pants and jeans, which appear doubly neat and nifty because of the glare. Now I have something else to anchor the season.


The blazer has barely any lining — only below the collar and in front to support the pockets. As you can see, the back flap shows how sheer the fabric is. Also the toothpick texture.


I forgot my handkerchief today. For me it is like leaving my mobile behind; I am half-blind without the small square of cloth that serves many purposes. And speaking of handkerchiefs, I think I better find something equally thin and light for my blazer's pocket square. (A brooch may be too overbearing.)


A closer look. Also to show you the length of the sleeves, which stop before the wrist. This is where the denim shirt comes in, which I think is a good, sturdy contrast. Notice in the previous picture how the intentional rips on the shirt are revealed by the blazer?

I think the outfit is as good for work as for lounging, just like the fine and pleasant day.

Sheer blazer, thrifted; denim shirt, Topman; white jeans, Maison Martin Margiela; filigree belt; Brave Beltworks; laceups, Marlboro Classics

Photos by Patricia Suzara


-h said...

That is an excellent blazer. The idea of a denim/chambray shirt really has been growing on me.

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

-h: Thanks! I say go for it. I'm only just discovering how flexible a denim shirt can be.