Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wearing batik to the office

batik 02

I still have memories of my grandfather going to certain official functions wearing batik prints. He brought up his family in Davao, in southern Philippines, the same place I bought this shirt from.

I like it because its blue theme guarantees that it is not that outlandish. Also because of the gold detailing.

batik 01

I wore the shirt yesterday with a kimono robe I paired with a tank long, long ago. Plus navy wool tie, mustard skinny belt, and drawstring pants.

More than two cultures and three textures in one outfit.

Shirt, from Davao; wool tie, kimono robe, Liv Sport belt, and Izzue pants: all thrifted


Lynn said...

Hey! I stumbled upon this and think its absolutely terrific! Do more!!

inkarlcerating said...

brilliant! yer outfit is a melting pot of great culture and art!

ego said...

great combination! that batik is actually from Indonesia, i assume.. we got a lot of patterns of Batik in all over Indonesia :) Good u love to wear it.