Saturday, April 3, 2010

Card case as wallet + Porter Nature Card Case


I bought this Marlboro Classics card case years ago, when it still felt like suede. For some time I actually used it as such, but after moving all my calling cards to another container, I totally forgot about it.


Until I lost my Tough Jeansmith leather wallet. Too lazy to buy a new one, I just digged this out of my drawers and chucked all my bills, ATM and credit cards, and whatnot inside it.

Amazingly, they all fit. I guess the constraints of the card case forced me to remove unnecessaries like old pictures, movie tickets (which I am again too lazy to throw away), creased letters (kidding) — you get what I mean.


And as things usually go, my life was fine with my worn out, shiny-suede card case. That is, until I stumbled upon these pretty little things by Porter.

Here are the black and tan versions.


But who wants tan when you can get yellow?


Or this delectable shade of cerulean.


The fastener is much better than the button since it makes the case more expandable.


This is also wider than mine, and thankfully not in suede.


I love this shape. Looks as if it came from a shield or coat 0f arms. Reminds me of fleur-de-lys.


I've come to appreciate the handy size of the card case as a wallet. For me compartments unnecessarily make them thicker.


Have any of you also tried this? Would you consider trading in your cumbersome bum warmers?

Actual short wallets, long wallets, key cases, and combination key-and-card cases from Porter are also available from Beams

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-h said...

these are beautiful. definitely going to have a look