Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Figura: Bespoke shoes from Manila

Figura 01 Shoes43_Minimal Oxford in Brown Museum Calf

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the designer behind Figura's beautifully handcrafted shoes is an old school friend, Ali Figueroa (hence, "Figura"). Another friend from Shanghai referred the site after himself being satisfied with the pair he had made.

The Minimal Oxfords in Brown Museum Calf above is my favorite. It looks almost seamless, like skin. I know that to compare it with certain images from Silence of the Lambs is disturbing, but there is no other comparison for that snug look, like a bodysuit or a glove.

Figura 02 Shoes42_Minimal Oxford with Ray Stitching in Brown Museum Calf

Here is the same pair with "ray stitching" (claw marks?) for a little sophistication.

Figura 03 Shoes40_Fully Brogued Wingtip Oxford in Brown Museum Calf

I love the cowboy feel of these Fully Brogued Wingtip Oxfords in Brown Museum Calf. The striped heel is a good touch.

Figura 04 Shoes38_Plain Mini Boot in Eggshell Finished Calf

No worrying about cracked leather with these Plain Mini Boots in Eggshell Finished Calf, which also remind me of parched earth.

Figura 05 Shoes41_Ostrich Oxford in Brown Ostrich Leg

Now these Ostrich Oxfords in Brown Ostrich Leg are something else. The variety of textures and tones eschews any subtlety, but what a show piece!

Figura 06 Shoes33_Ostrich Oxford in Black Ostrich Leg

Rendered in black, you get more peace of mind. I like the shape of the heel.

Figura 07 Shoes56_Slashed Oxford in Black Nappa and Patent

These Slashed Oxfords in Black Nappa and Patent are more for the conservative. One way to make a clean statement.

Ali tells me that he has more woven shoes and oxfords in store, plus python skins waiting for production. Will be paying his factory a visit soon to have my own pair made, so watch this page.

Fittings and viewings by appointment. +63 917 5415401, +63 2 215-2441, G/F Dumrique Building, 167 A Bonifacio Avenue, Tañong, Marikina City, Philippines


-h said...

The eggshell and the slashed are especially cool.

toxic disco boy said...

wow. that cracked leather is amazing. i want one. ^^

YekkY said...

How much for a pair?

fuchsiaboy said...

wow, the cracked leather piece is tdf! would you happen to know the price point of the pieces?

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

TDB, YekkY, and fuchsiaboy: wasn't able to ask ali about the prices. you better give his shop a call: 2152441. thanks!