Thursday, April 15, 2010

First day in New York

New York 01

Arrived at about 5pm. This is the view outside our hotel, The Standard, New York.

New York 03

It's not showing here, but right below is the High Line park, an old train line transformed into a pedestrian walkway. There is a letter on the table that warns guests to keep their activities discreet while the curtains are open.

New York 02

Since everything could be seen from establishments below, and not just the park. I suppose the discretion goes beyond showering and being seen through the glass partition. I heard people fool around right at the window.


Making a fool of myself. View of the bedroom from the other side.

Jacket, 5cm; jeans, Bench; sheer shirt, structure belt, Timberland boots, and scarf: all thrifted

New York 04

The flight took 5 hours to Japan, then another 11 to New York. Not bad. Was able to sleep several times, and watch the following:

A Serious Man

A Single Man

Part of Amreeka. (Had to sleep.)

And an episode of An Insane Nurse, aka Nurse Jackie.

New York 05

Passed by lots of stores on my way to meet a friend at Union Square.

New York 06

Ah, I love it already.

New York 07

New York 08

After several blocks, I finally arrived. Had a burger at St. Mark's.

New York 09

Then it was time for my literary fix at The Strand bookstore and Barnes & Noble. Been told that all the Benetton IT'S:MY:TIME winners have arrived already — in stretch limos, no less. But I've only met Melanie, Abdou, and Kevin.

Here are some short clips they made, their first "diary" entries. Hope you enjoy. As for me, I have to see if I'm at all jetlagged.

David Sheldrick from South Korea

Melanie Alexander from Switzerland

Plastic is Fantastic from Italy

Old York from the Ukraine

Ben from Germany

Prague Girl from the Czech Republic

Francis from the United Kingdom

Kevin from Belgium

Patricia Nooyen from the Netherlands

Abdou from Italy


Emmekay said...

love all your photos, are perfect...

and that hotel room is faboulous...!!!

Ugnė said...

Thanks for sharing all the videos and photos, Im glad you guys are having a fabulous time! Enjoy! :]]

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

Emmekay: Thanks!

Ugnė: Can't wait for my next visit!