Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gustav Broström at Sweden's A Perfect Guide

Gustav_A Perfect Guide 01

Remember Gustav Broström? He used to blog on his personal blogger page, but now, with a flower in his mouth, he dispenses his musings on his very own section on one of Sweden's largest online blogs, A Perfect Guide.

Gustav_A Perfect Guide 02

If you still can't remember, here are two pictures of him on The Sartorialist. He calls this period his preppy days.

Gustav_A Perfect Guide 03

You can see a slight transformation in these images taken by Facehunter.

Gustav_A Perfect Guide 04

With his leather jacket and finalized pompadour, he says: "By the way, I have become a rebel. I'm wearing Dr. Martens, listening to Bowie and trying to be cool..."

Gustav_A Perfect Guide 05

Of course we're convinced, with or without the help of a stuffed pheasant.

Gustav_A Perfect Guide 06

Or his face showing. (Nice ring!) "This is how i looked on the club Good Pussy at Spybar here in Stockholm."

Gustav_A Perfect Guide 07

Lots of interesting stuff on Gustav's blog, from fashion and style to art and contemporary culture. Also these well-coordinated collages.

Gustav_A Perfect Guide 08

Which, reminds me: I've only done two!

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