Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mark Ronson for Gucci: a sneaky love affair

Mark Ronson for Gucci 01

At first I loved the polka dot pair and maybe the flannel from Mark Ronson's Gucci Icon-Temporary collaboration (more on this funny-sounding name later), but then when I look at them again right now, they don't really appear that distinctive. My conclusion: it must just be the celebrity marketing.

Mark Ronson for Gucci 02

See, I told you. I mean, I'm not going to tell you which brands have done flannel and polka dot sneakers better, but maybe I can say that Frida Giannini has thought more about the value of image peddling. Fashion is, of course, one of the biggest businesses.

Mark Ronson for Gucci 03

I love the idea of flannel, but I think the laces do not match, in terms of material. Or maybe the transition from fabric to laces could be made smoother by heftier eyelets?

Mark Ronson for Gucci 04

Giannini and Ronson at the New York launch of the sneaker line.

The Gucci Icon-Temporary concept was first launched in October 2009, where "flash sneaker stores" (guerilla as others would call it) were to be opened in various cities, which will have their own design exclusives. There are 18 limited designs in all.

If I'm not mistaken, Ronson is wearing clothes from Gucci's Fall 2009 collection, the season when his "infatuation" with the brand began. (Am not sure since I only discover now that although I wrote 28 reviews for Fall 2009, I didn't bother with Gucci at all.)

Mark Ronson for Gucci 05

"Infatuation" is what the author of Homme Times suggests about the artist-label relationship. He has created collages juxtaposing Ronson's outfits with runway looks.

Mark Ronson for Gucci 06

The question doesn't really matter, but I'm going to ask it anyway: what do you think came first, the musician's "infatuation" for the label or talks of the collaboration? I ask since certain pieces fit.

Mark Ronson for Gucci 07

In a business sense, before makes sense, but of course, he may really just love the clothes, if he's willing to be seen wearing them again and again (see bottom image).

Mark Ronson for Gucci 08

An unexpected surprise: the Gucci logo disguised as a polka dot.

Mark Ronson for Gucci 09

Fine, I relent. It is not hard to love this micro-houndstooth suit. In blue!

Mark Ronson for Gucci 10

Though velvet is only for rock stars.

Mark Ronson for Gucci 11

The main difference from runway to red carpet: the hair!

Mark Ronson for Gucci 12

Yes, Mark Ronson is part of my style icon list, even if I may not be thrilled by all his fashion choices. The only important thing is that he wears his clothes and not the other way around. (I wonder how Kanye West's LV collaboration went...)

I also wonder who will be Gucci's next 'temporary icon', as unflattering as that sounds...

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