Friday, April 9, 2010

Moore & Giles leather and waxwear garment bag and traveler

Moore & Giles garment bag 01

If you're like me, who's currently feeling/enjoying/anticipating the great itch to travel, you should be thinking not just of what you'll be packing, but also where you'll pack them in.

Moore & Giles garment bag 02

After my Jack Spade waxwear messenger disaster, I thought I wouldn't touch the material again, but this Gravely leather and waxwear garment bag by leather and bag manufacturer Moore & Giles is making me reconsider. (The leather they have on sale makes me want to design interiors!)

I love the color and texture combination, and of course, the leather details. Comes with interior pockets for shoes, accessories, and ties.

Moore & Giles garment bag 03

The site doesn't mention anything about sun exposure to remove stains. Does that mean not all waxwear is created equal?

Also available from Blackbird

Moore & Giles traveler bag

Moore & Giles's Walker traveler has the same look. These two bags are all I need for short trips. (I think…)


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