Friday, April 30, 2010

More goodies from Benetton

Benetton goodies 01

Guess what I found in my mail today? Not one, not two, but three items from United Colors of Benetton, as a token of thanks for blogging for them.

Nice clean IT'S MY TIME logo for the t-shirt. I remember the first tee I bought from the brand was more than a decade ago, when I went to Rome. I think I still have it, the fabric still soft. But what I am more excited to use is the navy blue tote underneath it.

Benetton goodies 02

Insects and crustaceans! This will be perfect for those days when I wake up late and have no choice but to throw in everything I need in one single container. The bag was designed by Catarina Carreiras for Benetton Bags by Fabrica. Fabrica is the Benetton Group Communications Center, based in Treviso, Italy.

Fabrica is not a school, advertising agency or university. It is an applied creativity laboratory, a talent incubator, a studio of sorts in which young, modern artists come from all over the world to develop innovative projects and explore new directions in myriad avenues of communication, from design, music and film to photography, publishing and the Internet.

These artist-experimenters are accompanied along their research path by leading figures in art and communication, blurring the boundaries of culture and language and transgressing the traditional borders between a diverse range of communication mediums.

Communication research at Fabrica services a wide variety of social causes and disciplines such as economics, social or environmental sciences. Fabrica’s aim is to grasp the future by giving innovative exposure to cultural or scientific projects which open a window onto tomorrow’s world.

Sounds amazing, like something from Google's creative headquarters. Take a look at the ancient villa that houses Fabrica. It would definitely be Fab-ulous to see the place in person.

Benetton goodies 03

Aside aside (isn't life all about asides?), here is another tote/shoulder bag that came with the package. Not so sure though if I can pull off a monogramed article, as I've tried to avoid anything in that sort of pattern. But even if my sister wants it for herself, I will definitely keep this 100% bamboo fabric scarf, which is woven like mesh and feels like something between socks and stockings.

You know what I'm thinking? I'd think I'd like to wear the soft, breathable fabric as a shirt! (Yes, of course, it will also be a little sheer.)

Benetton goodies 04

Last but not the least is a cute little USB disc that I most probably be enjoying just looking at. Oh, wait. It can hold 1GB!

Special thanks to Sarah for all your help along the way!

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Sarah ^.^ said...

You are the most welcome! Thanks very much again for your support to the campaign! So happy to know you like this little gift! Hope you enjoyed to be part of the Benetton family!! cheers, Sarah