Monday, April 5, 2010

A pair of brogues, a fatigue blazer, and two bags

Brogue-blazer-bag 01

Finally, something light and fitting for spring. What I particularly like about this thrifted Izzue blazer are the wired hems, which give the piece a certain character. Also something for me to fiddle with!

Brogue-blazer-bag 02

There are actually my first pair of brogues, by Clark and in a shade of maroon. Am a little worried about the wear, but I hope shoe trees will smooth out the creases—if only just a little. I'll let this be my practice pair, until I find brogues that are perfect for me. In the meantime, I'll have as much fun as I can with these.

Brogue-blazer-bag 03

This bag is not mine. Got it for my sister, from the same shop as the items in this post. Honestly, I don't think the bag is that feminine. One of these days, she won't notice its absence…

Brogue-blazer-bag 04

Here is my loot thus far, plus a cream-colored scarf and a red knit tie.

Brogue-blazer-bag 05

I actually went home after buying the items above. Then I went back. Good thing since I spotted this trashbag tote by property of… I saw my name all over it, so I got it. More than the trashbag nylon, I coveted it for its hardy leather handle and trimmings.


-h said...

Cool blazer. I'm a fan of the army green color (big reason I bought the march issue of Vogue Paris). Cool black "trash" bag! I like that sort of tech-y fabric.

YekkY said...

Oooh Where do you shop?! Please tell..You have a great eye for details. I'm loving the trash tote and the etro-ish bag! ;)

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

-h: Checked out out March French Vogue. Fantastic editorial indeed!

YekkY: All the items in this post are from the shop at Makati Cinema Square, right beside Shakey's =)