Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Presenting Gary Card

Gary Card - Jacob Sutton 01

Only recently "stumbled" upon the work of Gary Card, the stage and props maker, painter, and illustrator. I say stumbled because I've seen much of his work before — nobody can miss it — but without actually knowing that he was the artist behind all those masks, set designs, and drawings.

Gary Card - Jacob Sutton 02

These two spreads are by Gary, Jacob Sutton, and John Colver.

He is the Midas for kids (or kids-at-heart); everything he touches, he transports to Fantasy Land.

Card - Slimane Mackie 01

I'm sure this shoot by Hedi Slimane and Alister Mackie for AnOther Man is familiar.

Card - Slimane Mackie 02

When I first saw this, I thought the use of billowing fabric was brilliant.

Card - Slimane Mackie 03

Literally makes a canvas out of the wind.

Card - Slimane Mackie 04

Card - Slimane Mackie 05

Points your attention to the importance of silhouettes.

Card - Slimane Mackie 06

Set design, which is meant for the theater, brings drama to editorials.

Card - Slimane Mackie 07

Card - Slimane Mackie 08

Card - Slimane Mackie 09

Optical illusions that are simply stunning.

Card - Slimane Mackie 10

Card - Slimane Mackie 11

Ribbons to counter spikes.

Card - Slimane Mackie 12

A flag raised in triumph.

Vogue Homme Japan

This mask and these arm bands are familiar. Used for an editorial for Vogue Homme Japan, which I wrote about in terms of Hedonism.

AnOther Man 01

With just cardboard and tape (foam maybe and other materials), models are turned into caricatures of the anthropomorphic. A waterfall of boxes. (Or someone's head melting.)

AnOther Man 02

Like muppets, they are able to hide the complex under the guise of the comic.

AnOther Man 03

I think the reason such images become arresting lies in the simplicity of the statement. Is this all about pain? The sensitivity of the porcupine? (Or the acerbic non-morning person?)

AnOther Man 04

Toilet paper cardboard can be used for play.

AnOther Man 05

Childish games of battle and war, which know no limits.

AnOther Man 06

Or simply to feed flights of fancy.

Dazed 01

Here is a delightful editorial that came about from a collaboration between Card, Oliviero Toscani, Nicola Formichetti, and Vivienne Westwood for Dazed & Confused.

Dazed 02

Wonderland meets Neverland meets Pocahontas

Dazed 03

…meets Lord of the Flies meets Halloween…

Dazed 04

…meets Where the Wild Things Are

Dazed 05

…meets Spongebob?

AnOther Man II 01

When these kids grow up to become nomads, they'll probably resemble these characters from an AnOther Man editorial.

AnOther Man II 02

I have a copy of that issue and when I first saw this I thought it was absurd. So messy!

AnOther Man II 03

But then the craziness of it all actually makes sense.

AnOther Man II 04

AnOther Man II 05

My room doesn't look any different from these backpacks.

AnOther Man II 06

AnOther Man II 07

It's the mix of patterns that goes with the mess of these camping contraptions.

AnOther Man II 08

Which look like an exploded swiss knife with hundreds of tools and gadgets.

AnOther Man II 09

Miscellany 01

I don't know where these masks were used. But they remind me of Punch and Judy as drawn by Dave McKean.

Miscellany 02

Kafka 01

Probably prototypes for these pieces for Kafka covers.

Kafka 02

Absurd enough for the works of the author.

Kafka 03

Here's looking at you, I mean, smelling.

AnOther Man III 01

And here is the man himself, shot for AnOther Man magazine, and (perhaps unintentionally) dressed as a young David Hockney.

AnOther Man III 02

AnOther Man III 03

AnOther Man III 04

AnOther Man III 05

AnOther Man III 06

AnOther Man III 07

AnOther Man III 08

AnOther Man III 09

A proper tribute for Gary Card.

Take a peek into the amazing flat shared by Gary Card and Henderson McCue in London, from the eyes of Todd Selby

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