Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don Protasio's summer rage

Don Protacio 04

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday* 2010: Day 1. Came late for the first set of shows, didn't get a front row seat. But who cares, I was more than happy to savor the show by Don Protasio, who gave us a thematically consistent collection.

*It's called Holiday since we don't have the four seasons. Either it rains or it is warm and humid, and since these are always unpredictably present anyway, the cooler 'holiday' months from September to December are used as a reason to dress differently.


I didn't have to take cover from all that red (I think I would even consider Don's fire monochrome!), since I liked the cool concept of light and loose layers, in jersey and cotton.


Of course, there is much to be said about the deconstruction of menswear details, such as the trench coat belt, straps, vests, and jackets, which make the pieces more androgynous.

Don Protacio 05

And don't forget the buttons. You're also right if you guessed that the collection was inspired by manga, specifically, by Naruto.


The clothes swing both ways: from loungy urban nomad to playful and childish vagabond.


Was planning to take pictures of the clothes backstage but couldn't find a way in. Good thing Don let me (and a few other bloggers) sink our hands into his flaming treasures.


The fabrics are from Cambodia, as the designer is actually based there. So are his seamstresses and weavers.


I assembled a crazy 60s outfit. Guess from which TV series.


Finally here are the accessories: a crow cloth sash/belt (everything is really very versatile), Naruto-inspired metal-buckled belts, and a plastic chain necklace.

Forgot to mention that some of his knitted pieces were made by a woman who was HIV-positive. Maybe this fact had something to do with the name he gave his collection: Insistent.


A Super Dilettante said...

Loving your blog!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and the previous one on sunglasses - which are fabulous!

inkarlcerating said...

itwas nice seeing you at the showroom hehe
i love the aluminum belt
don's HOLIDAY collection was PERFECT

bollywooddeewana said...

What an engaging blog you have here, stumbled upon it for the first time today while searching Andreas Wiljk and have spent over 30mins going through your archives

All the best

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

A Super Dilettante + bollywooddeewana: Thanks for reading!

inkarlcerating: Nice seeing you too!