Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dries Van Noten ikat mishap

Dries Van Noten ikat mishap 01

Remember this Dries Van Noten ikat tee? Well its now being handwashed by our help and it's already the third time she has done so. She didn't' tell me after the first two washings that there was something wrong, neither did I ask even if I suspected something was amiss each time I wore it again.

Dries Van Noten ikat mishap 02

Notice the pattern on the back side of the shirt? Anything wrong with this picture? I'll point it out: the midsection still retains some indigo/violet dye, while the upper and some other parts are just blue. I was told that color run from the tee even only with the application of water!

I knew there was discoloration when I wore it the second time, but I brushed it off hoping that it would go away, hoping secretly that no fading took place.

Dries Van Noten ikat mishap 03

But I couldn't wish it away. We followed all the washing instructions, but this still happened. It's now in my cabinet, and I'm not sure if I'll wear it again for fear of more damage after another washing.

Dries Van Noten ikat mishap 04

Not certain if this is a characteristic of ethnic prints of this kind, or if it is inseparable from the way Dries Van Noten developed its dyed fabrics. All I can say is: help!

What should I do? I've actually considered dying it again myself, but who knows what awful result that would bring. Has this happened to any of you? Not just with the ikat tees but also the trousers, pocket squares, shirts, blazers, and jackets from Dries Van Noten's Spring 2010 collection? I know this may sound stupid to the initiated, but I really do not know what I may be doing wrong...


YekkY said...

It must've been the detergent used and the reaction of chemicals they poured onto the garment before being sold. Or maybe it's just Dries! :/ Well, this happens to me every time...I never used them again for they feel different already.

Mark R said...

You're doing nothing wrong. I bought several shirts and t-shirts from the Spring Summer 2010 collection and followed the washing instructions by using cold water - and yet all the colours have run. It looks even worse on the white shirt with blue print, which I can't wear again.
Really disappointing.