Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hectic: Oxford shirt meets cycling jersey

Hectic 01

They may look like uniforms at first (they are after all, oxfords), even with these added pocket details, but just imagine the stylistic possibilities with these Hectic Back Pocket Oxford Shirts.

Instead of simply placing your hands at your back, while pacing, you can put them in these pockets and still appear poised while your fingers do the fidgeting.

Hectic 02

Like cycling jerseys, there are also pockets on the sides.

I love how the shirts are presented with the sleeves tucked in. Somehow reminds me of nuns.

Hectic 03

Great logo. Likewise functional, circa 1950s.

Hectic 07

Check out the fine seems.

Hectic 08

Hectic 04

The side pockets are more pronounced in white.

Hectic 05

I find this shade of gray interesting. All the more to be nondescript in.

Hectic 06

Gray trousers with this, better in plaid and with a bow tie. Though it would be hard not to be noticed even with your hands in your back pockets.

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